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Is Fabio Fragata polite?
Does Fabio Fragata like parties?
Has Fabio Fragata ever asked you for help?
Would Fabio Fragata look good in a mini skirt?
Fabio Fragata agrees.
Have you ever asked for phone number of Fabio Fragata?
Fabio Fragata agrees.
Are you physically attracted to Fabio Fragata?
What would you say to Fabio Fragata if you saw him/her right now?
não, o meu sonho não é ir á lua, ahaha. xb
Fabio Fragata agrees.
Does Fabio Fragata drink alcohol?
Deve beber, pergunta ai a ele
Fabio Fragata agrees.
Does Fabio Fragata sleep with a night-light on?
Pahahah nao seii :p mas se dormir da para rir
Is Fabio Fragata crazy?
Fabio Fragata agrees.
41-50 of 55
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