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Do you think Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ is in a relationship?
If you were on a deserted Island with Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ, what is the first thing you would do?
Buscar refugio y comida
Would you like to start a conversation with Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ?
Do you think Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ is a messy person?
Would you share an Ice-Cream together with Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ?
Is Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ short?
No, de hecho es bastante atractivo, pero dudo que quiera o desee a una chica tan fea como yo.
Do you like the profile of Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ?
Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ agrees.
Is Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ beautiful?
Es feo como piedra u3u
Shindobaddo ᵏᶨᵑᶢ agrees.
21-30 of 47
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