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Is ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ cute?
Would you have dinner with ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ?
-El paquete completo por favor-
Do you think ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ has ever helped a vagrant?
a quien no?off: respondí una pregunta sin saber que decía
Are you and ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ are true friends?
ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ agrees.
Do you think ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ prefers short or long-term relationships?
-Espera que realmente fueran largas y únicas-off: 0 compromisos bb
Do you think ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ can run a marathon?
Lamentablemente si lo persigue un perro correría dia y noche sin descanso hasta que este cese.
Would you cook dinner for ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ?
Do you think ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ is dumb?
Would you like to start a conversation with ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ?
Do you think ᗯei ᗯᑌ᙭iᗩᑎ is in a relationship?
1-10 of 10
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