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Do you like Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ as a friend?
Would you give Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ your phone number if he/she asked?
How many relationships do you think Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ has been in?
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Do you have feelings for Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈?
Would you present Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ to your parents?
Do you like Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈?
Does Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ look like a polite person?
Would you go to the beach with Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈?
Would you like to make Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ sad?
Does Sᴛᴇ́ғᴀɴ ࿈ look like a player?
1-10 of 46
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