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Do you think Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe has a real profile on iOrbix?
Does Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe have nice hair?
Do you think Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe has feelings for you?
Do you think that you and Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe could have a serious relationship in the future?
Should Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe get a tan?
Would you like to make Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe happy?
Would you like to marry Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe?
Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe agrees.
Is Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe ugly?
Do you think Ғrαɴcιɴe Ғιɴe has at least 10000 coins on iOrbix?
1-10 of 28
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