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Lil Gangster has just created a topic about Sharing Box and Clouds.
Well I come to give a suggestion (do not know if they had given and) ... will see, I like that the home page appeared iOrbix the status of my friends, is what appears on "What would you like to share? ".... to be new knowledge with users in their profile or something else.

Another suggestion is that you can change the main background (the clouds) images made either by you iOrbix administrators, or images that could make us users, that will look more elegant;)

Well hopefully and take into account ^ ^ iOrbix Rulez!


Bueno yo vengo a dar una sugerencia (no se si ya la habian dado)...veran, me gustaria que en la pagina principal de iOrbix apareciera el estado de mis amigos, es decir que aparezca lo de "¿Que te gustaria compartir?"....para estar saber novedades que tengan los usuarios en su perfil o alguna otra cosa.

Otra sugerencia es que se pueda cambiar el fondo principal (el de las nubes) ya sea imagenes hechas por ustedes los administradores de iOrbix, o imagenes que puedamos hacer nosotros los usuarios, se veria mas elegante ;)

Bueno ojala y las tomen en cuenta ^^ iOrbix Rulez!
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Nuno Admin · 12 years ago

I do not understand the first suggestion. Can you explain it better?

As for the second, you may disable the moving clouds through your Settings page, if you don't like them. We do not allow users to change those backgrounds, yet.

Thank you,
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Lil Gangster · 12 years ago
La primera sugerenca,existes,no sé si te distes cuenta.
pero ahi está,bueno ami me aparece
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Lil Gangster
gracias a todos por desearme un feliz cumple :)
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Lil Gangster
wii hoy mi cumple! :) xD
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Lil Gangster commented on his own photo.
unos de mis estilos!
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Lil Gangster has just created a topic about My sugestions..
With my little experience here in iOrbix, I would recomend this features:
- Possibility to send a mensage to a group of friends.
- If there will be games, please, create a diferent hall to put the achievements and requests, other way the normal entrance hall will be like facebook. (spammed of useless farmville crap)
- The chat should be improved aswell the entrance hall, the chat is failing a lot and the hall is currently not working.
- A mp3 player for the profile I think is a little useless, everybody use youtube. So just make a support to hide and resize a youtube player, it would be very better.
- The "coin giving rate", I think its to high. I can make a lot of coins, this conducts me to dont pay to support iorbix.

Keep it up the awesome work.
I'm very gratefull to participate in this comunity.

(Sorry for the bad english)
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Ricardo Silva · 12 years ago
Olha podes falar Português pois são Portugueses também
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Sergio Coelho · 12 years ago
No forum eles querem ingles
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Daniel Brandenburg · 12 years ago
Hello Sergio thanks for your sugestions

In order to answer them

1) Is posible to send messages an click on New Message
the you may put many recipents as you want

2)The games depends of the people create the aplications
for iOrbix. But this must be rady as soon as Nuno finish the
Apps Plataform

3)I don't see any problem with chat for me works perfect.

4)We may consider this

5)That's a reward for be an active member of iOrbix
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Lil Gangster has new friends.
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Lil Gangster gave a gift (Whiskey Glass) to Juan Carlos Møtø Møtø.
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Lil Gangster commented on his own photo.
Que les parece mis ojos?
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