Tapices Yagami
Ese momento en que Nuno le cierra la cuenta a tu novia cuando hay porno explicito rondando por iOrbix y cuentas con penes en todo su esplendor

That moment when Nuno closes your girlfriend account when there's explicit porn roaming iOrbix with cocks in all it's glory #InCaseYouDontUnderstand @Nuno Peralta
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Nuno Peralta · 3 weeks ago
Could you please send me a message with links for other profiles you know? Thank you.
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Tapices Yagami · 3 weeks ago
Sir, I'm no snitch... I've reported some accounts in the past, and I've noticed how the staff already closed some of them, for that I'm grateful.

But my girlfriend didn't receive even a warning and I even edited most of the pictures in order to comply to terms of the site.
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ʚ Momo Bunny ɞ · 3 weeks ago
I have blocked profiles with nude content. I can help with that >: )))
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