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Becky Rosen
[b][c=#E50073]Samlicker81 posted a new status:[/c][/b]

[center]🌺That's right, after a well deserved break, your favorite fanfiction writer is [u][c=#E50073]back[/c][/u]!! x3


And since i am sure you still remember the procedure... go ahead!
Give me your prompts!
[b][c=#E50073]All of them!! [/c][/b]


💕💕([u][c=#E50073]Getting ready to type[/c][/u]!!) 💕💕[/center]
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Rowena Macleod · 2 years ago
[c=#E50000][b] NaturalWitch replied to Samlicker81: [/b][/c]

Me, mean? Have you met me, darlin'? Mean is the least of his worries.

Anyhow, well done, dearie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him squirm!
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Becky Rosen · 2 years ago
[b][c=#E50073]Samlicker81 replied to NaturalWitch:[/c][/b]

[i]Right, you have a point. XD
And thank youuu ~ Glad you liked it. <3[/i]
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Becky Rosen · 2 years ago
[b][c=#E50073]Samlicker81 posted:[/c][/b]

[b][med][i]I'm closing prompts, it was fun while it lasted. See yaaa. <3[/i][/med][/b]
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