Bryan Øuiros
Iorbix deberia hacer mejor la pagina de inicio,que salgan mas rapido las actualizaciones,y de una forma mas ordenada y amplia!
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Nuno Admin · 7 years ago
Thank you for your suggestion. What do you mean with being "more sorted"? Isn't it sorted already?
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Bryan Øuiros · 7 years ago
Yes it is,but a little bit more open,i dont know,looks kind crushed,i dont know if that is the correct word but,maybe with a little more space for the publications,maybe taking off the right side of solicitude suggestion and the global chat and other things,it will make seen better ,and give more emphasis to the publications and its going to be more social,similar to the facebook start page, i dont know if i explaind my self correctly,my english is no so good xD
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Nuno Admin · 7 years ago
Yes, I understood you perfectly. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll note :)
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Iorbix deberia hacer mejor la pagina de inicio,que... | Bryan Øuiros | iOrbix
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