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Ásarr Rhage
Good morning, I have a suggestion for Iorbix. When you put a YouTube video, to play a song in the background of the profile, is it possible to play the song from seconds or minutes later? I'll explain: When I put background music for my iOrbix profile, it always starts from the minute: "0:00", regardless of whether the link has been copied to start at 1:34 or at another different time of the music.

I will be waiting for a prompt response and thank you very much for the attention.
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Nuno Peralta · 4 months ago
Have you tried adding


to the end?

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Ásarr Rhage · 4 months ago
Yes, on several occasions. But unfortunately it doesn't work. I just tried again but nothing yet.
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༌ Seilen ༌ · 4 months ago
@Nuno Peralta: is there any way for the videos to be reproduced by themselves and seen in the profile? it would be nice to be able to put in the information (for example in interests) a video that is reproduced and not only listen to the audio without watching the video, for example activate this code: &autoplay=1 . Is there any way? Thanks.
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