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[ RP English - Spanish ]
Gender: Male
Age: 30   Birthday: Dec 24
Status: Single
About Me
[quote]Facts about Laito to consider.[/quote]
Laito was sexually abused by his mother as a child and it progressed into his adult years. Ayato has mentioned how when they slept in the same bed as kids, Laito was hardly ever there due to being with their mother in her bed.

Laito hides behind a playboy facade to mask his pain. He figures that if he comes off not caring and is all about sex, he can't get hurt.

Laito is fearful of real love because of his warped perspective on it, cause by his mother. She referred to sex as love all the time, therefore confusing Laito.

Laito was thrown in the dungeon after Karlheinz found out about Cordelia and him having incestual relations, something that Karlheinz encouraged. He was locked away for it to further the confusion.

Laito uses sex as a way to quench his pain. It's like a wall of protection for him, and behind that wall is a man full of sorrow and anguish.

Laito knows that his mother defiled him, he knows it was wrong.
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