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iOrbix Profile of Roᥕᥱᥒᥲ Morgᥲᥒ

❦ The noble WI† ☾ H ❦
Gender: Female
Age: 24   Birthday: Oct 31
Status: Committed
Religion: Pagan
Location: Wales
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
About Me
[c=#660000][med][b]—Ah, so you are finally here, aren't you?

—You know me, don't you, [i]fy annwyl[/i]? But come now, do not be afraid of me, sweet child. Do not be afraid of pleasure, nor freedom; for they are ours to enjoy!

—You see, I think God is a very selfish man, but I, am a very generous woman...

—Come, [i]fy nghariad bach[/i]. What is it that you need?

—Now, now, don't be shy, little lamb. For your secrets I shall guard, and your wishes I shall make true.

—Pagan? No, no, little mouse. Not at all. I am not a pagan. Pagans are rather rustic. I, on the other hand... Am not.

—Come inside, [i]anwylyd[/i], will you? Do not just stand there; for my secrets shall be yours, and you shall know how delicious life can be if you cross my threshold...[/b][/med][/c]





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