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iOrbix Profile of Pᴀɴᴅᴏʀᴀ Mᴏᴏɴ

Gender: Female
Birthday: Feb 29
Location: Bristol
About Me
[b][c=#BF608F]"Pandora, Panda, call me anything... I’m sure you’re very nice. Hello, whizzer to meet you!"[/c][/b]

[c=#60BF60]SPECIALTIES:[/c] Through use of slang, euphemisms and other lingo she speaks nearly her own language which no one can discern, apart from her best friend, Effy.
[c=#BFBF60]HOBBIES:[/c] Following Effy around and trying to keep up with her bad habits.
[c=#608FBF]NICKNAME:[/c] Panda.
[c=#BF60BF]PERSONALITY:[/c] Very cheerful and easygoing, she wants to experience everything no matter the consequences. Because of her constant positive attitude, her depth is often underestimated. She is always overshadowed by her attractive and moody friend, Effy, for whom all the boys are vying.
[c=#7300E5]QUIRKS:[/c] Loves donuts.
[c=#E57300]WEAKNESS(ES):[/c] Extremely naive because of her sheltering, overbearing mother. Has difficulty sharing her true feelings, for fear of hurting others in the process.
[c=#73E500]STRENGTH(S):[/c] Extremely naive (it's as much of a strength as it is a weakness), always upbeat, open-minded.[/code]

[b][c=#60BF8F]"Everyone says that butterflies are way prettier than caterpillars, but I disagree." [/c][/b]


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