iOrbix Profile of Lisa Scott

Gender: Female
Age: 30   Birthday: Jan 19
Status: Single
Religion: Atheist
Location: los angeles, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
About Me
[c=#660000]Name:[/c] [c=#8C8C8C]Lisa Scott[/c]
[c=#660000]Age:[/c] [c=#8C8C8C]27[/c]
[c=#660000]Species:[/c] [c=#8C8C8C]Human/Hunter[/c]
[c=#660000]Hobbies:[/c] [c=#8C8C8C]Photography[/c]

[c=#8C8C8C]Lisa is an independent girl, never letting anyone else tell her what to think or what to do. This often making her come across as stubborn but also determined. Not only this, but she’s also extremely intelligent, often surprising the people around her with her knowledge. She can take on anything she wants to take on and doesn’t let anything stop her. Lisa can come off as confident, but she also has a sarcastic sense of humor and puts up a front sometimes. She’s quick to call people out on their behavior, and is willing to risk her life in order to get something done. Despite this, Lisa’s emotions can get the best of her, blinding her to the truth. She’s very enthusiastic about things when she wants to be. In hunting, she takes happiness in the lives that she can save. She’s strong willed and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and what is right. Even when she is scared, her front allows her to be brave and strong when she needs to be. When blinded by her own views, she can be reckless and impulsive if it means getting the job done. She can certainly hold a grudge so it would be very stupid to make her mad enough to hate you as it would take a long time to get back in her good side.


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