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-It's not like Cas keep his cabin all clean and tidy, wink wink?? He doesn't mind the should check what he keeps under the bed. Then again...maybe you shouldn't. Forget the narrator ever said anything!-

I sleep a lot actually. -He said, laughing, rolling in bed like a kitten- It was hard getting used to it at first. sleep from time to time, i sleep [i]all[/i] the time...

-Grins- Wanna be the big spoon? -!!!-

hey, thanks for accepting my request. do you want to roleplay? discuss a storyline??
I'm afraid you'd have to show me, you can tell...*He shrugged, smirking* I'm [i]not[/i] very convinced.

*And then he snorted*

I admit i might still be...somewhat frustrated. I had the Darkness under my care and...thanks to that idiotic Squirrel, she slipped right through my fingers! Can you imagine how it lose that kind of leverage?! *God's sister?! Crowley will never get over it.*
Why bet on something i already won?

[Circling tiem!] Afraid of taking initiative, are you?
What...-Cas frowned, pouting too- ..this is the best cabin in camp! -After Dean's maybe...?-


-Closes the door behind him and walks to the only bed in there, flopping down against the improvised mattress- Do you sleep at all?
*Crowley likes him like that, on all fours, yes, a nice mental picture he'll treasure for those lonely nights(??)*

Oh, don't you worry about my connections, you should be worried about your own kind, bunch of weak bloodsuckers. What do you think you can bring into a fight with the Darkness?

Gonna bite her? Suck the...[i]dark[/i] right out of her? *Snickers!*
Come now, mister...[He snickered, eyeing the machete for a second]...Leviathan beats Vampire.


[Round one: FIGHT!]
-Cas nods in response, his bright, half stoned smile, almost reaching his ears!!-

Dean has changed a lot in the past couple years. Especially after his little brother gave his consent to the Devil. -Uh, revelations!-

Anyway, we're here!!! -Climbs the old wooden steps up to the door of his cabin- Home sweet home! -He said, pushing the door open, turning his head to gaze back to the vampire- Come in!
How rude.

[Dick immediately jumped in the air and landed on a puddle of black goo before the vampire, quickly morphing into his very human appearance] Going somewhere?
The Winchesters' fault, of course. The Darkness was released and all because his little brother was trying to save him, Dean can't be completely mad at his brother, he knows he would do the same for him, and we can bet Benny already knows that.

Having to kill Benny and all for Sammy's sake in the past, still bothers him, because obviously he wished there was another way to save his brother and pull him out from that hell of a place, but there wasn't, and he had to sacrifice one of his best friends' life. Benny stayed behind by own choice, sure, but still...

And now the chaos was all around, the Darkness saw Dean as the one who freed her when it was actually Sam's attempts to get rid of the Mark, and now she was walking free amongst the Earth, growing and growing every day. Sam and Dean also heard that monsters were trying to get ready to fight against this thing, and he wonders if Angels and Demons were doing the same, and well! Apparently it was like that, proof of that was when the Angels tried to attack Amara from the sky, and that didn't work. Thing is, they [i]tried[/i].

Dean was worried about sam now even, because his little brother has been having visions and dreams that involved Lucifer, and all he wants to do is try to avoid having to think about that, he doesn't want his brother any near the Devil, the bastard who hurt him so badly in the cage, he just couldn't. But Sam was starting to think that they actually should find a way to talk to Lucifer, because apparently, he also believed these visions were from [i]God[/i].

What a story, Sam. Dean really doubted of that. If God cared, shouldn't he be showing his face by now after this mess? No, he doubts the big boss even cares about Earth, or them. "Trust in us," he said to Sam. Because they were the only thing in which they could trust, and Lucifer [i]couldn't [/i]be an option.

"How? What else is there?" Sam asked, and Dean couldn't find a proper way to reply to that. He knows they were in a mess, but Lucifer... Really? Then what would happen later? Even if the Devil helped them at the beginning, then he could try to bring the Apocalypse all over again. They can't risk it, there had to be another way!
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