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[A blow which Dick didn't even bother dodging, probably to let the vampire know just whom exactly he's dealing with. Smug much?]
A little variety is always good, mate.
You. Me. Together. -lmao-
Getting to live? Brag about working for the King of hell? *Smirks*

I'm sure that would impress all the ladies...or the boys. Who am i to judge?!
[The black meteor landed only a few feet away from the vampire, and Dick quickly got up, materializing into his human form]

Ready to give up? [He chuckled]

We both know this will end very badly...for[i] you[/i].
-Benny's naked beauty struck Cas like a lightning!-

Whoa...bro. Now that's...

-Can he braid Benny's chest hair??!-

O-okay, uh...-Returns to bed(?)- Let's try it then! -Immediately gets rid of his clothes!-
[The blade almost grazed skin and that made Dick mad. You don't want to make Dick mad, do you?! Never ever infuriate the Dick!] I wouldn't have it any other way.

Purgatory's supposed to be challenging...

[Smirking, the Leviathan jumped into the air and turned into a black gooey kind of meteor thingy, aiming straight for the bloodsucker's head as it descenced in full speed]
Work for me, fangs, pretty sure you are desperate under that ...poorly macho man mask of yours. *Crowrey, how rude!*
I wouldn't call it fancy per se, but...-Grins-...yes.

I just found out i am a cuddler. And the girls don't like to cuddle after the orgies, so...-Le frown- If you're in, great! Say, are vampires really that cold? -Eyeing the vampire's body like a bauss. No shame at all!-
Your [i]prey?[/i] [Clicks his tongue] Feisty, are we?

[Well then, don'd mind if i do! Dick jumped on the vampire and immediately tried to dig his teeth onto his neck. Oh, the irony[?] ]
31-40 of 119
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