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-Dumbass even yelped when those cold hands gripped his- Hm...good morning? -Le innocent smile-

I always jerk off when i wake up, but i thought this was far more interesting. You know, gotta keep my hands busy with something.
-Head tilt! Come on, no one can resist that...- don't like it? -Cue sad eyes!-
-Vampire slept like a rock, it was impressive! Not feeling like getting up anytime soon, the former Angel grinned as he lifted himself off a little from Benny's body, and sat up on his legs-

That's a lot of chest hair...-He mumbled, caressing his chest... and then started braiding said hair!-
-Next morning, Cas woke up on top of Benny. Seems he had somehow managed to use the vampire as a big, comfy pillow in the middle of the night! And yes, he drooled all over Benny's chest. And beard. He drooled all over him basically. Marking territory much? Wait, what? Dean's not gonna like it!-
-Sighs in relief- Goodnight, Benny.

-Rubs self against the vampire and falls asleep a few minutes later. What is future!Cas even!-
I do! -He squeaked(?), a shiver running up his spine when Benny whispered into his ear like that!-

You''re kinda crushing me right now, but it's okay!
I like it.

-His ribs don't!-
This again??

[Unarmed Dick dodged the attack just in time and swiftly brought one of his hands against Benny's left side, throwing him against a nearby tree] I think it's enough foreplay.

Time to get serious.

[Dick Dick[?] adjusted the collar of his shirt and started walking, slowly, towards the vampire. [!] ]
Why, you don't? [Feigns offense] I am having a blast here.

We both know how dull Purgatory can be sometimes...[Smirks]
*Snorts, waving him off* Do not even make me start on my fetishes, love.

Too long of a list.
-Castiel felt that because...the narrator says he did, so he did? And he shivered again because...[i]damn[/i]! Cas' not the hedonist his fellow campers claim him to be, sometimes he just likes to lie down and cuddle, see?! Benny's cold embrace felt amazing. He likes it. He likes it a lot. Screw you, Dean(?)-

I daresay you're...-Shivering hell of a great big spoon. -Teh praise!-
-Castiel clung to the vampire for dear life, hissing when cold skin met warm one! Vamps! Tsk!-

Ok, so...!

Wanna, uh...

Wanna try and be the big spoon? -Shivering much?!-
21-30 of 119
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