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Oh.. I thought we had :$ It does, Kat is still in that point where every supernatural is evil
Promise. Can you start?
Well actually I hunt everything, but that's what spices things up ;)
Sure! Basically my character is a hunter whose her parents were murdered when she was young and since then she's been on a long and determined hunt to kill the demons who killed them. It's still a bit raw :$
Then I believe we should discuss a storyline(?)
Yes I do :$ :D
Hello, do you want to roleplay ? :)
-Nods frantically- Yes.

-Another nod!-
I am. I did promise Dean i would take good care of you. -Grins- Soo...-Approaches him?-
Is my blood not to your liking? I won't know if you don't try it, right?

-Why is he encouraging the vampire though!-
I am not going to kill silly vampire! [Shakes his head and stops right in front of him, at a considerate distance, of course! Not taking [i]that [/i]many risks, teh Dick]

But i can hurt you in ways that would have you begging for the sweet release of death. [The smug smile]

Just until you take me to this portal of [i]yours[/i] and show me how to get through, that is. [Insistent SoB!]
You don't?! But...i was gonna add a pretty blue bow and all! -?!- One of the girls left it in my cabin the other day. When we were having sex. -Too much info?- I'm a big fan of sex. I do orgies almost every day. -Apparently not enough- One time, i invited Dean and he said yes.

-He kept talking even when the vampire pushed him off of him-

I mean, i was pretty high at the time. I might have dreamed that...-Squinty eyes-...ot not. I had a huge hickey on my thigh when i woke up that day. Then again, it could have been made by one of the girls. Or Chuck. Omg, what if it was Chuck?! -Rambling forever until he heard Benny say he was starving-

Oh. Do you, uh...

Wanna feed on me? -Bares neck for him? Yis-
11-20 of 119
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