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-Friendly pat on teh back!- Sure you are.

So..when will you introduce me to the family? -Lmao, wants to go to the nest? What has he taken this time!-
I'd be insulted..very insulted right now if i wasn't human now and very veeery stoned to take everything you say so serious -Grins(?)-
Vampires do not have the ability to possess..uh..would it be an experience you'd like to go through though? -Dat mischievous glint in his eyes-

If i was a full Angel again, i'd possess you alright, i'd possess you good -And didn't that sound dirty?!-
You. Me. Hunting Together & Forever. Now. -DAT LOVE-
He might! -He said, all defensive liek-

I need this body..well, my body to keep its strengh throughout the day. Living in the camp is tough, homie(?) Tougher than you'll ever now -Tougher than a vampire nest?!-
M'not tempting anyone here -'Course you aaaaaare, exposing that silky skin of yours to a..VAMPIRE?! Naw, man,of course not!-

You get a bite..once a day. You feed and i get high. It's a win-win ! -Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyysssssszzzzzzzyeah-
Not gonna suck me dry, are you? -Olyshet, that came out wrong. Stick with the innocent interpretation though! haha-
-Moaning like he was in some cheap Casa Erotica movie. Gabe would be proud..sniff, even Balthy would. More sniffs-

Hey, hey..-Pulls back- Gotta leave some for later, mmmkay? -Wooooot!-
Mr Fangs, you know i'd never refuse about we shake hands and you take a bite of me for old times sake?!
111-119 of 119
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