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Hello... Anyone home? ;)
Two of the songs i love the most... :)


But is just a legend... :) Here, in Transilvania, are the Carphatian mountains, and are many old castles, including the castle of Vlad Tepes(called "Dracul" by people of his century) and called by Bram Stoker(author of "Dracula" novel) "Dracula". :)
Who's Dracula? (Y) (Y) (Y) ;) The biggest vampire off all times. :P :L Count Dracuuulaa! Brrr... :)
No need to thank me for anything. :) I just want to know something about your life from that, so far away from me, place called Texas... ...and i thank you for being a friend of mine and for your tolerance shown to me and my crazy questions. :) Sooo... I should introduce my self... My name is Vanea Alexander Bell and i'm from Transilvania, Romania, Europe, lol... I laugh because i have to specifie all the time my continent, cuzzz no one knows where Romania is, but everyone heard about Transilvania, thanks to Dracula. :D :P I should stop. :L Ok. I wish you a very pleasant day! :*
I like your name. (Y)
You are a dancer? =)
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