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Ooc: Não tem nada a ver com fufucar.... tem a ver com o facto de que elas se conheciam do passado e Lisa ao descobrir que Jo estava viva iria com certeza procurar saber dela, já que elas eram amigas de longa data, certo?
ooc: ai está uma ideia que me agrada a 100%, adoro. Bem, agora para concluir essa ideia, podia chegar aos ouvidos de Lisa que Jo estava viva de novo e a caçar com os irmãos Winchesters... assim sendo, Lisa vai à procura de Jo até para saber se realmente era verdade. Que te parece?
// Sure.
Ooc: They can become friends, yep. He will be very surprised and shocked when she tells him, and he will want to become a hunter, too. He'll also sleep with the lights on and check for monsters under his bed and inside his closet, thank you very much.
[c=#608FBF]Ooc[/c]: Jimmy is Castiel's vessel...but in order to be able to play him, my headcanon says that Cas never came to him after he was taken away from his body. Novak could be a hunter in training since demons and other creatures will always be after him. I'm guessing...Lisa and James team up at some point? She could teach him the ropes of being a hunter.
(Hmm... I wonder what we could come with. You were at day with the show? I can't remember. I know we talked and all on skype but... yeah, refresh my mind...? xD)
No hablo ingles, lo siento
Ooc: You welcome and yes of course
[b][c=#E57300]Ooc: [/c][/b]You come up with this gene, and i have to figure it out? I have absolutely no idea! Haha What could it be, what could it be...what if they were all strong mediums? Some could have experiencied it, but not fully. I don't know, i think i'm lost in all this.(?)
[c=#E50073]ooc:[/c] Becky writes slash fanfiction about the boys and is a dangerous fangirl. o.o A fangirl and a hunter? I don't know. XD
1-10 of 40
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