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Meh, you're right. It's a dead meme anyway. *Sets fire to fedora(?)*

I'm doing great! What about you, what have you been up to?
We meet again, Ms Becks. *Tips fedora(?)*
My eyesight is damaged and my jaw is no longer fixable, thanks. I'll charge the hospital bill on your name, babe. ;))

Anyway, hi, hey! How have you been?! It's been a long time...wait, we used to talk before, didn't we? "Squints, afraid he might be confusing her with someone else(?)" If not, hi, nice to meet you, i'm the guy buying you breakfast tomorrow. "Smooth AF!"
"Sexy mo'fo shows up"


'sup, gurrrl. Looking damn fine today!
-The angel didn't even flinch. He did not perceive the air dryer as a threat either, so he simply stood there, watching her closely, slightly tilting his head to the side in confusion because of her (pretty normal!) reaction to his presence.-

Apologies, i just...wanted to see if you're okay.


You're nervous and your pulse is very erratic, hmm... -Go wonder why?-

I...i will knock next time. I am very sorry. -Teleports from the bathroom to the living room, and waits for her in there.-
-It has been a long while since the last time Castiel checked on his charge, and today he decided to pay her a little visit. Far he knows, nothing bad happened to her in his absence. Far he knows...? Since the angel isn't known for formalities, he casually popped up in the bathroom while she was...probably doing her morning routine?-

Hello. (?)
1-10 of 350
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