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"Sexy mo'fo shows up"


'sup, gurrrl. Looking damn fine today!
-The angel didn't even flinch. He did not perceive the air dryer as a threat either, so he simply stood there, watching her closely, slightly tilting his head to the side in confusion because of her (pretty normal!) reaction to his presence.-

Apologies, i just...wanted to see if you're okay.


You're nervous and your pulse is very erratic, hmm... -Go wonder why?-

I...i will knock next time. I am very sorry. -Teleports from the bathroom to the living room, and waits for her in there.-
-It has been a long while since the last time Castiel checked on his charge, and today he decided to pay her a little visit. Far he knows, nothing bad happened to her in his absence. Far he knows...? Since the angel isn't known for formalities, he casually popped up in the bathroom while she was...probably doing her morning routine?-

Hello. (?)
muchas gracias por aceptar, espero nos llevemos muy bien n3n
(Shame on you.(?) )

To Mark, it sure felt easy going back to what they were, what they used to be. He talked to Becker almost in a daily basis, and he can't imagine his days without her in them anymore. It felt good having her friendship back, that's for sure.

Like every thursday, today was a busy day, and he didn't even get to go out and have lunch outside, he had to ask his assistant to bring him something to eat since there wasn't much free time during meetings. He had another in just fifteen! That's how Mark ended up eating a tuna sandwich while skyping Carolina.

"10 am." He nodded toward the camera, chewing. "Told you i'd pick you up, what...are you afraid i forget?" He laughed and spilled tuna and bread everywhere.(?) "Sorry, sorry..."Cleaning the screen with a napkin. "Anyway, yeah, i'll be there, no need to worry."
Aaaaajajajaja. Es que siento que ya no me odian aquí como antes ;( ah no. Ajjaja.
Aquí estoy 🌝🌝
Carrito bebe 😘
Castiel watched her raise her hand, and he briefly wondered what that was for. Ignoring the gesture, for now, he focused on her questions so he could give her proper answers. He really shouldn't get distracted too often, he's a guardian Angel after all.

"It is my job to keep you alive until your time comes, so...yes. No matter how bad it is, i will be there to see you to your safety." No matter what. Work or not, she had instantly become the most important person in his life. Therefore, failing his mission is not an option. Definitely [i]not[/i] an option.
Finally dressed, Mark sat on the edge of the bed to put on his shoes. His phone signaled another notification, and he reached for it. He was kind of surprised reading Becker's reply.

"Would it be weird to stay in your ex's house...? Hm...most likely." Said to himself as he thought of what to reply. Perhaps the hotel option was a safer one. Then again, he does not want to offend her for refusing her first option.

[i]"We'll talk about it when the time comes then. We both know if i stay at your place, you'll find me in the kitchen in the middle of the night eating cookie dough. LoL."[/i]
1-10 of 343
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