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It was enough to sadden the eldest seeing his child like this, drinking till the point to forget about [i]everything[/i]. Maybe Bishop did the right call to appear just now...

And then Aidan was telling him to go away. The older vampire couldn't help it, but to allow a small grin to form at the corners of his lips. Of course, Aidan was drunk, he probably believes him to be an hallucination or something. How to take him seriously when the boy '[i]killed[/i]' his maker years ago?

"It's me, Aidan... Want me to prove you that I'm [i]real[/i]?" He said in his usual soft voice, looking at him when he felt the younger was finally trying to look into his direction, and Bishop couldn't look away anymore. The smile on his lips, the so usual smile he always showed to Aidan when he tried to comfort him.

"It's good to see you again, my son," and he took a deep breath, looking at him with detail. "Saddens me it had to be in this circumstances... How is that you're [i]human [/i]again?" He asked, still not daring to even touch Aidan, to make him realize he was really [i]there[/i].
Of course, you are entitled to opt for whatever method of payment you prefer.

-Cas added, smiling still, noticing the young man hadn't even reached for his wallet yet. He seemed like he was...staring at him. Now wait a minute, isn't that a Cas' thing? It sure felt weird, being in the receiving end of said deep gaze. Feeling rather uneasy, Cas looked away, cleared his throat, and only then he dared to look the man in the eye- everything alright?
-Cas saw the man approaching the counter and he immediately put on his best smile.-

Hello, good afternoon, sir. -Checking the items displayed before him, he nodded and picked up the pack of cookies, passing it through the little odd machine that recognized the barcodes imprinted into each of the packages. Cas, he...he kind of liked the beeping sound!-

-After scanning all items, he glanced back at the man and smiled- Okay...your total is 17, 95 dollars. Will you be paying in cash or by card? -What a professional!-

He knows he should be dead, he should be dead, then why he wasn't? The plan was perfect, he knew it was about time, his favorite son was supposed to kill him, he himself wanted it that way. When you just know there is no way for a father to kill his own son, because it just makes no sense. Creating something only to destroy it later? No. But usually the other way around happens, the son always kills the father at some point, in general at least. 

Bishop knows he wasn't the one who killed his maker, Carlo, because someone else just took that from him. Not that he wanted to kill him in that moment, but he didn't step forward to help him. And he still wonders why was that? It was fear? Or maybe he just wanted that to happen? No, that wasn't the reason either, he was trying to protect Aidan in that moment, when his son tried to jump to go against the Dutch. And then... He knows he cried. It was [i]sorrow[/i]. 
Maybe it wasn't Carlo's time to die just then, but it happened one way or the other.

Aidan killed him a few years ago, and by some strange reasons things changed. Someone took his ashes, one of his oh so many children that thought it all would turn into caos without his maker around to guide them, and that's how, after getting more help, they managed to put him back together.

But Bishop didn't went after Aidan in the time he was getting better, he tried to guide the small group of vampires who helped him, and they made the promise not to tell that he was alive. Aidan was better not knowing, he thought he was dead, and in a way, he though he could give Aidan this much, the freedom he had always wanted. Even when that obviously breaks James's heart, because if there was someone he [i]loved[/i], that was Aidan. He needed him beside him. He knows he has been bad to him sometimes, but most of the things he did were the way he had to teach him well, to understand they were no humans anymore, but vampires. Monsters. They needed to feed from humans, and survive. And that's it.

What to do when, even after all this, Aidan's maker can't stay away from his child, not really? He tried to watch over him from the shadows, and Aidan seemed to look just fine. It made Bishop take a new deep breath, to maintain himself sane, everytime he checked on him. He still lived with these two werewolves and that ghost girl, and well... At least he wasn't alone.

Until someday things changed again, and now what he knows is that, somehow, Aidan was [i]human [/i]again, and apparently was on his own [i]again[/i], living in the woods. His friends sometimes visited but, he was [i]alone [/i]anyway. And Bishop didn't know what to think, that was no possible, how in Hell a vampire could get back his humanity just like that? He had to see that with his own eyes, and maybe have a chat with Aidan, allow him to know he was still out there, his son might find this unpleasant , or maybe not, who knows? But it was the small price if Bishop wanted to find out what the hell happened.

And that's how he found him one night, walking alone. He could smell death all around his [i]son[/i], and that set off all alarms within Bishop. It [i]hit [/i]him, somehow. He now wonders if he could even feel his presence around? No... He doubts it. If it was truth Aidan was human again, it was no possible. Less when he could smell how weak he was, so James followed him until he reached a bar. He waited for a moment until he could get him alone, and then approached him from behind, taking a seat beside him on the counter, just like that! 

"So it's true... You're human." Bishop said, soft enough to make it sound like a whisper.

-Castiel had become a sales associate only after a couple months of working at the shop and he actually felt proud of himself. When the Scribe tricked him and took his Grace, he fell on Earth without nothing but the clothes he was wearing. Sam and Dean couldn't have him at the Bunker, go wonder why, so, Cas had to find a way to sustain himself. He liked his job, what he did mattered, and he liked his Boss, Nora. She was a very nice and pleasant woman. He also liked interacting with other humans. Even if he often weirded them out with his lack of social skills-

-The bell at the door rang, announcing a new client, and Castiel stood straight behind the counter, waiting for said client to approach him.-
-It was a fight??? Should it be a fight???-

Then let me be <3 -The teaser? lmao!-
Afraid of something? -Dealing your problems to contain yourself, kiddo!-
Hi man! No problem at all.
Yes sure.
Can you tell me something about your character?
Danielle smiled at the nervous male and shook his hand. Her handshake was rather firm, the grip of someone who spent a lot of time at the shooting range. Nothing else was gonna happen at the asylum. Danielle wasn't gonna be the damsel again.

"I'm an equal opportunity employer. Everyone gets a fair chance at the job." Danielle said as she led him into her office. "The pleasure is mine. So far, you are the most qualified for the job."She motioned for him to sit before taking her seat behind the desk.

"Tell me, why do you want this job?"
Danielle was looking for another orderly. The asylum was over capacity and she could no longer run things by herself. Nothing much had changed, even after the ghost incident with the Winchester boys, she continued taking in stray supes. Vampires, werewolves, and the literal criminally insane.

She wasn't looking to hire a supe to manage her supes, but if it came down to it. She had some good prospects, but many feared for their lives. She couldn't blame them. The scars around her wrists were difficult to hide from her employees. She rose from her desk and walked out into the waiting room. Her telepathic ability was coming in handy for this, so she of course listened in when she needed to. The last interviewee was nervous. She could feel it. "Aidan?" She smiled. "I'm Dr. Johnson"
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