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ooc: hey. thanks for accepting my request. do you want to roleplay?
(Becky and Charlie shared a look. Becky knows what Marv is...but Charlie doesn't! And when the Scribe referred to them as 'you humans' the ginger knew something was amiss!)

[c=#E50000]Charlie: [/c]What do you mean? (Squints eyes!)
He knows i will find him.
Sooner or later.

Now...*Amara smirked and started circling the Scribe, like a predator*...what would my dear brother say if i disposed of his [i]precious[/i] secretary? *The threat!*

*Narrows her eyes*
That is just another excuse to not come to me, is it not?
-And since there is a waffles house in every corner, it didn't take long for those two to get to one!-

We're here. Eat fast so we can go back to our discussion.
-Cas said, eyeing the waitress on the way to their table-
*Shakes head, such disappointment! Metatron failed to deliver the smut*

Feathered dicks.
Why get it from the internet when i can have it from the bloody Scribe of God?!

*It's always the smut...see?*
(Charlie has a mischievous smile on her face. It seems her job here is done! o.o )
Was my point not obvious since the beginning, feathers?
*Where is the smut, Scribe? It's important[?]*

*...I have no idea what's going on anymore though.*
Your blasphemy knows no bounds, does it? -He sighed, shaking his head in defeat-

Alright. Let's go for those waffles.
-Metatron wins this round?-
1-10 of 127
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