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ooc: hey. thanks for accepting my request. do you want to roleplay?.
-Attempts a fast move and they end up rolling on the ground???? lol He tries to bite [i]him[/i] next!-
-Best Partner Ever XD.-
You're not the first nor you'll be the last to say that. -Big grin is big-

And that either.
-Smirking, all smug like-

Want some? Didn't know vamps liked pot.
-Hands it to him-
-And they lived happily forever after(?). Sometimes he'd cry about Aidan at lonely nights, but he'd never tell Benny about his favorite son(???!)-
-Falls dramatically onto the mattress after that, panting, sweating, obviously aroused(?) but mostly weakened because of all of the, cough,[i] sucking[/i]-

Whoa. Dude...that was...
-Well, will you look that? Seems Cas had a joint hidden under the pillow!-

Let's do that again.
-Smiling stupidly, lights the joint-

In a few days, gotta recover first.
-Smoking pot oughta help, huh?-
You bet. I'd be into whatever you were. -Because, reasons!-
-A surprised gasp escaped Castiel's lips at the vampire's swift bite! It was everything he ever imagined. Cas has... problems(?)-

B-Benny...oh gawd.
-What?! Is he moaning?!-

D-don't be afraid to take what you need.
-Suck him dry?-
Well.. Yes ahah, but it can change
-Teh smirk on Cas' face when the vampirate realized he didn't have any blood bags left!-

Maybe you lost them? Or... maybe you drank them and you don't remember doing so?
-Smirk intensifies!-

Are you going to suck my blood now or do i need to send a memo?!
-Srsly, Benny, the Angel has his kinks, so what??!-
1-10 of 119
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