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It took me longer that I said, but there it is...
The pic that was sent to me about Ruby's return on the show.
[i]**Bebió otro trago y dejó el vaso vacío, pidiendo al mesero otra bebida igual**

[b]¿Día del Juicio Final? !HA¡ [/b]

**Soltó una risa muy corta pero irónica ante lo que dijo el hombre, mirándolo de nuevo, esta vez con un semblante de intriga y de mucho interés, ya que notaba la seriedad de sus palabras, aunque estas lo confundieran de momento**

[b]Para mi todos los días es un caos apocalíptico, pero veo que tu hablas de una manera diferente, y que sabes algo que yo desconozco...[/b]

**El mesero le hizo entrega al asesino de su segunda bebida, Wick enseguida le dio un trago, estaba algo ansioso, no solo por lo que Castiel le comentaba, también porque afuera del bar, en algún lugar, estaban al acecho de su cabeza. Él por lo pronto trato de solo mantenerse alerta y seguir con la plática, porque en el fondo, por alguna extraña razón, se identificaba con el hombre que se posaba a su lado**[/i]
Se me perdió el hilo xD
-pero dime en que te puedo ayudar? si estas en china es porque buscas algo has llegado al lucgar indicado el clan wen sobre sale por tener todo lo que puedas necesitar... ¿que necesitas? ¿guia turistico, armas, medicina?
Checking on Dean [i]one last time[/i] before heading out, Sam grinned at the sight of a [i]sleeping snorting dead weight in bed[/i]. Instead of waking him up, he[i] drops a note [/i]at his brother's nightstand where he wrote: [b]'Be back shortly. Don't worry.'[/b] Not mentioning he was about to meet up with Cas and work on a case with him. Minutes after he's behind the wheels and hits the road, using his gps app to reach his destiny.

A few hours later,[i] he arrives[/i] and parks the vehicle. Locks the car safe and aims to the motel's room door where [i]Cas was[/i]. Fisted fingers, hand lifted and there he knocks at the door, standing there quite anxious and reluctant. Clearing his throat he makes an effort to remain positive and avoid [i]any weird behavior. [/i]Cas needs his support and help, so, here he is.
Hola Castiel
tan agradable como siempre el verte

That's just how Sam is, he loves to make sure everyone around him[i] is okay[/i]. He's a [i]supportive [/i]kind of guy that tries his hardest to remain [i]positive [/i]no matter [i]how bad the situation is[/i]. Even lately with [i]all the God crap upon them[/i], he insists on trying to make Dean [i]have faith.[/i] Give [i]his best [/i]and [i]never give up. [/i]Smilling once again at Cas's responses and those [i]emojis [/i]again, he started[i] typing back at him. [/i]

[b]"Sure. Just tell me where you are?" [/b]

He decided to accept to join that hunt case with Cas, considering Dean was [i]resting [/i]some after[i] that last case with the witches[/i]. Sam on the other hand, he was pretty much [i]restless[/i], avoiding to [i]sleep [/i]for now. Working on a case with Cas would provide him a [i]distraction [/i]and he would be there for[i] their angel pal[/i]. That would be [i]good[/i].
After a long time of texting Cas and getting [i]no response[/i], finally he receives some text message from him. He had to [i]dodge his attention[/i] from [i]his research [/i]and pick his phone in order [i]to type back.[/i] Reading that text made Sam [i]release a sigh[/i] at first. But soon the boy found himself with a silly smile hanging on his facials from seeing [i]those emojis inserted in the text[/i].

[b]"I'm glad to hear from you, Cas. And you know Dean. I'm sure he didn't mean it like that. We're just going throught a lot. We need you, and we wanna be there for you too." [/b]

The youngest brother sent the text message[i] in hopes to have another response soon,[/i] and to bring Cas back [i]into their lives[/i]. It was weird [i]not having him around [/i]for a larger period of time. They've grown [i]so used to have him there. [/i]

sonrio nervioso negando varias veces con su cabeza y manos

-lo lamento, pero no tengo permitido hablar mucho de el ante los desconocidos
1-10 of 5678
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