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What's your weakness based on your zodiac sign ?

You're a Leo. The Leo is the most powerful zodiac sign and
the leader of them all on the bible, Leo is the zodiac sign of
god reason why among all 12 zodiac houses the mission of
the Leo was simply to show god's almighty power to all and
the world and universe. That means just like a god the Leo
has no weakness when into the sun position, however due
to something called: '' providences '' which limits the matrix
and overpower of existence, in order to maintain a balance
the Leo has one problem that it's not exactly the weakness
since they can live million of years without it as rulers of all
worlds by nature, but can sometimes, make them feel very
bored. The Leo HAS all the power of god, in fact he is god,
in the bible so the only thing in the universe that can affect
the Leo is the Void and all elements similar to the void, the
void means loneliness, oblivion, emptiness, abandonment,
and irrelevance, being the godly sign the Leo can resist all
of these things however it may make them very bored and
make them live on their inner world if they ever happen as
time goes on, these are never weaknesses, since the Leo
has so much godly power, they can live without them ALL,
however being loved, being admired and full of friends as
well as passion, warmth and ALL positive feelings, makes
the Leo very happy and increases the vast power and the
strength of the Leo, ALL the negativities cannot defeat the
Leo, as the void is not stronger than god and the light and
the power of the stars, the Leo is virtually invincible but he
will not be at the full extent of all his power, without love or
millions of friends and all and any positivities, the more the
golden light envelops the Leo's Aura the much stronger or
more powerful and almighty they become, as the god sign
the Leo is already extremely powerful all alone, as natural
ruler of worlds and supreme pure leader but any love and
warmth, company, friends and lovers, or any form of good
vibes increases the strength, potency and all power of the
god zodiac sign drastically, making them virtually god-like.

What does your sun zodiac sign say about you ?

Leo Sun. The most positive souls on this world, very energetic
and full of life, they have a very powerful omnipotent light and
are impossible to break, these people will never be depressed
because they love themselves very much and the world, VERY
high ego, highly loved and are friends with millions of people.
What are you like in love based on your zodiac sun sign ?

Leo Sun. Leo Sun Rising boys are usually very tall and their
hair grows a lot, they naturally love sports and are also very
happy souls by nature, this is why they will never, ever and
no matter how beautiful, sweet or sexy the woman may be,
stay with a very sad person or someone who tends to stay
sad or depressed for a long time, the Leo is a mega-happy
soul, they love life and all the entire universe, not only they
give lots of love and care, they are also kinky and love sex,
they are teased VERY easily and even the minimal display
of sexiness will make the Leo burn in flames however they
are also very caring, give lots of love and are VERY playful,
this is their biggest problem, the Leo loves to laugh so you
will see them play like kids, all the time, they are also really
kinky, energetic, and provocative, and that may not go well
for very shy women ! A Leo is the kind of man that even on
his 74 years old will find any way to play with and tease his
very old wife, they have very young souls and believe that
sadness has no place in life, you can always skip ahead or
feel very happy, all the time, they are NEVER easy to deal
with, this man is unstoppable, everyday, 24 hours per day !
A Leo's woman will constantly be touched and surprised as
well as teased, they are absolutely electric, and never stop,
they are ultra-happy, and will tease you all time, ALL time !
A very sad woman / girl who tends to have low spirits most
of the time could never be with a Leo Sun, as not only she
doesn't have the very powerful happiness he likes but she
also will not make him feel very good, they are very young
boys at heart all the time, having 12 or 72 years old for the
leo boys changes very little, they are still as kinky as ever !
A Leo sun boy will never change, happiness always comes
very naturally, they are absolute teasers by nature and any
miniskirts will make the soul burn into an inferno of flames !
A Leo shall also be a gentleman, but it's hilarious to look at
their faces, trying to resist very beautiful women, that is just
impossible, and they also like to praise women all the time !
A Leo is very strong and very powerful, but just like the lion
on their souls, they are very weak, against beautiful women.
A Leo boy loves women, they will praise them, all the time !
The Leo boy is the funniest on the zodiac despite being the
strongest, because they simply can't resist attractive ladies,
and they try to be gentlemen but they can feel all the heat !
A Leo sun boy is EXTREMELY easy to tease, very easy to
tease, this may get them into all kinds of comical situations
and they are VERY impulsive, excited and funny, some leo
men, are crazy for breasts, which can make them lose any
sense, direction and reason and make them even happier.
What are your advantages and disadvantages ? ( moon sign )


Advantages - Very Powerful, Lone Wolf, Persuasive, Secretive,
Seductive, Unaffected, Stand strong in bad times very easily.

Disadvantages - Venomous, Very Evil to Sensitive People, Very Cold,
Revels in the disgrace of others, Very high ego, Demonic Nature.

Main Points: Scorpio Moon are self-destructive, because they are
unaffected by pain they like to destroy themselves repeatedly on
purpose to see how much they can ever take and then rise like
the Phoenix very easily, they are emotionally invincible and can
take eternal amounts of pain, they change their soul to anything
they desire like metamorphosis, these people can play around with
depression, going to the depths of hell and return fiercely into the
sky with burning wings like the Sun, they are masters of the soul.
Scorpio Moon break into the depths of darkness not because they
suffer but because they love that and they can return back into
the light very easily, they alternate between the 2 worlds for fun.
As masters of the soul, dark and light are the same to a Scorpio.
A Scorpio Moon due to the influence of Pluto can stand completely
calm, relaxed and indifferent even in all extreme situations like the
end of the world, Scorpios destroy and empower themselves all for
fun, they are like reptiles and the skin they wear is what they make.
A Scorpio can be very dark when they want and come back like a
Phoenix into the blue sunny skies just as easily, Scorpios wander
through Hell, Heaven and Limbo as they desire, because of their
very powerful souls, Scorpios fall and fly high all by themselves.
As Scorpios do this for pleasure, they do not need to be helped.
Scorpios may seem like Phantoms due to how very powerful they
are and spend most of the time in their universe as they desire.

Symbols - Dragon, Phoenix, Snake, Number 7, Death Arcana
What kind of lover are you ?

Marvellous. You are the kind of man who does not like his
girl / woman only for what she can give, you are also crazy
for every inch of her body, you love WAY too much and so
your girl will never understand some things like kissing her
hair over and over, touch her cheeks multiple times and so
on, you are THAT much intense, you think of a woman like
your christmas gift, and you will spend days and days and
more days appreciating her, you are like an art master but
much more intense, and obviously, much more marvelled !
You think that your girl / woman is an art gallery ! And your
appreciation is sure to give her very little room to breathe.
What is your IQ level ?

141 and above. 141 and above means you are a genius and
above genius, they have very fast minds and discernment as
well as excellent vocabulary metamorphosis in mere seconds,
they usually, speak 4 languages and more fluently, and even
have room for more, perfectionists at the most extreme detail
their observations are fatal with their eagle-like sharper eyes,
they sense things much before all others do and can change
the matrix of the mind from an emotional state to another that
needs to be implemented in milliseconds, this gives them very
large ease to walk through life and being aliens to the others.
They are the most intelligent and genius people in the world,
they are able to manipulate their mind to negate any feelings
such as depression and create a new matrix completely fresh.
What are you like based on your sun zodiac alignement ?

You are Leo Sun, ruled by the Sun. You are essentially the
perfect soul, you have a bit of a very high ego, but you are
full of honour, imperial in design and full of dignity, you are
the complete package, strength, courage, wisdom, love as
generosity, very calm, cool, very friendly, social, and made
of gold, you are golden and have the golden shine in your
soul, leadership, deep values, respect, you're just perfect,
you are what every soul aims to be, but like said you have
very high ego, that's because you're very good, but you're
also very humble and THAT makes you an ultimate leader.
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