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Baby, this love, I'll never let it die
Can't be touched by no one
I'd like to see him try

'Cause I love you for infinity . . . ~

Meet me at the bottom of the ocean
Where the time is frozen
Where all the universe is open
Love isn't random, we are chosen
And we could wear the same crown
Keep slowing your heart down
We are the gods now ~

[code]I hear you breathe so far from here
I feel your touch so [b]close[/b] and [i]real[/i]
And I know my [u]church[/u] is not of [i][c=#666600]silver and gold[/c][/i]
Its [b]glory[/b] [u]lies[/u] beyond judgment of souls
The commandments are of consolation and warmth

I hear you [i][c=#2D4359]weep[/c][/i] so [b]far[/b] from here
I [u]taste[/u] your [b]tears[/b] like you're next to me
And I know my [med]weak prayers[/med] are[c=#6060BF] not enough [/c]to [i]heal[/i]
The ancient wounds so [i]deep and so dear[/i]
The [b]revelation[/b] is of [u]hatred[/u] and[i] fear

[/i]You know our [med]sacred dream[/med] [b]won't[/b] fail
The sanctuary [b]tender[/b] and so [i]frail[/i]
[i]The sacrament of love[/i]
The [u]sacrament[/u] of [i]warmth[/i] is[b] true[/b]
[b][c=#000041]The sacrament is you[/c][/b][/code][/center]

Just one more time before I go
I'll let you know
That all this time I've been [med]afraid[/med]
Wouldn't let it show
[b]Nobody[/b] can [i]save[/i] me now . . . ~

[b]Stars[/b] are only visible in [med]darkness[/med]
[i]Fear[/i] is ever-changing and evolving
And I, I feel [med]poisoned[/med] inside
But I, I feel so [i]alive[/i]

Nobody can [meds]ave[/med] you now
The[big] king[/big] is crowned
It's do or die
Nobody can [i]save[/i] me now
The only sound
Is the [u]battle[/u] [b]cry[/b] . . . ~ [/center]

When you look at me
I'll be digesting your legs
'Cause I can hardly see what's in front of me
These days and those days too...~

I've got to take what I'm makin'
And turn it into somethin' for you
I've got to break what I'm makin'
And turn it into nothin'for you . . . ~

[med]Oh God,[/med]
[b]My God[/b]
[i]. . . where have you been . . . ?[/i][/center]
[center][code][c=#2D8080]A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you'd fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won't let you fall tonight
Fallen angel
You do it all for my own protection
You make me feel like I'll be okay
Still I have so many questions
How do you stay so strong?
How did you hide it all for so long?
How can I take the pain away?
How can I save

... A Fallen Angel...~ [/c][/code]


" De ahí mi brusca retirada, mi adiós nervioso, mis justificaciones falsas, desmedidas. Usted no se asombró de nada. Acaso esperaba de antemano que yo no podría soportar sin miedo su nueva y desacomodada realidad, su realidad al margen de mi recuerdo, su indiferencia por la lealtad de mis emociones. Cuando usted cerró su puerta, cuando detrás de ella desaparecieron los sillones, el Renoir, el pescador de marfil, los libros, usted misma, sentí que no enfrentaba ya un presente fácil, sostenido como hasta ayer, como hasta hace unas horas, por su probable y cercana aparición. Ahora debía arreglármelas solo, con las figuras que yo puse y pondría aún en mi mundo de carne, en mi mundo de hueso, definitivamente expulsado de nuestro piélago en común, de nuestra común lejanía de la tierra. Cuando usted cerró su puerta, sentí en mí la necesaria revelación de que todo aquello de que habíamos participado ya no existía, de que mi yo de usted tampoco existía, ni existía -[big]¡por fin![/big]- tampoco [med]usted.[/med] "[/center]

Mario Benedetti - Hoy y la alegría.

. _ [b]Stars[/b] are only visible in [u][med]darkness[/med][/u]

[b][med]Fear[/med] [/b]is ever-changing and [u]evolving[/u]

And I, I can[b] [big]poison[/big][/b] the skies

And I, I [b]feel[/b] so [i][med]alive[/med][/i] . . .~

.x. Final Form - Stardust Huntress .x. [/center]
[center][i]It's a long way home, kiddo ~[/i]

[b]F A R[/b] [i]E[/i] [u]W E L L [/u]

[center]. :: 'Cause I had the [b]best[/b] of the [u]worst sides[/u]
And I had these lungs
And I had too many flash fires
That [i]I just let them burn[/i]

'Til my chest is [b]on fire[/b]
And my head just [i]won't die[/i]
I guess I'm lying 'cause I wanna
I guess [u]I'm lying[/u] 'cause I don't

'Cause I just feel [b]so tired[/b]
Like it's move or slowly die
You say, you ain't you when you're like this,
This[u] ain't[/u] you and you know it
But ain't that just the [b]point[/b]?
[i]You don't know[/i]
How to let go
Who said this must be [u]all or nothing[/u]?
But I'm still caught below
And I'll never let you know
No, I can't tell you [b]nothing[/b]

'Cause I'm a [b]fucking mess[/b] sometimes
But still I[u] could always be[/u]
[i]Whatever you wanted[/i]
[u]But not what you needed[/u]
Especially when you [b]been needing me[/b] . . . ~

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