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Spreading: It is a medicinal plant found on wild rock or is grown.
The organ used: For therapeutic purposes, only the leaves of the plant are used.
Harvest period: The herb can be harvested from July to September.
[med]Houseleek-Naturist Treatments[/med]
Houseleek is especially recommended for its miraculous effects on external affections but can also be administered internally to combat certain problems such as nerve, kidney or ear disorders, even infections, diarrhea, fever or intestinal worms. In external use, in the form of fresh herbal juice applied locally on wounds or burns, or put in the ears, decoction dishes in skin cancer or uterine cancer, dry plant dust applied to the wounds, raw leaves applied to the corns. Houseleek can cure acne, skin, stomach, burns, corns, uterine or skin cancer, ear pain, hemorrhoids, insect bites, and even eliminate freckles.
In popular medicine in the West, houseleek was once considered a medicine with general uses and beneficial influences in any affection. Charlemagne even gave a decree for the cultivation of this plant. Houseleek is used in folk medicine for toothache, burns, freckles and corns, in fighting ear inflammation, being also anthelmintic and febrifuge, but especially having decisive effects in eliminating corns. It is said that a leaf of the ear, applied on a batter, softens it and thus the batter can be removed.
The herb is recommended for improving the general condition of the body. … Read more…
Typically, caraway occurs after the first mowing orchards, pastures grows on places gravel roadside.
Caraway reach heights of 80-100 cm.
Gathering the fruits (seeds) normally in June, July or August.
Caraway seeds contain essential oil in a ratio of 3 to 7%.
Caraway has a specific smell and taste, which makes the plant to be used in cookery as condiment for soups, sauces and confectionery.
[med][b]Caraway-Natural Treatments[/b][/med]
Caraway tea has the ability to combat feelings of spasms or cramps in the stomach and intestines.
Tea helps in treating menstrual disorders.
Caraway is also used to treat cases of bloating, digestion difficult states after diarrhea (enterocolitis) especially for children.
Diarrhea and colitis may improve or even cure rapidly by administering powder caraway seeds mixed with powdered mint leaves in equal proportions.
Take a daily four six teaspoons of this mixture over a period of two weeks.
The result is amazing especially thanks antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of the two herbs.
If you have problems with the stomach, bile secretion of gastric juice or excess of recommended daily administration of the combination of four teaspoons caraway powder and mint, both in equal proportions.
Plants should be freshly ground, to have a maximum content of volatile oils.
For breastfeeding mothers, the caraway stimulates lactation.
Due to its properties, caraway was recommended during Charlemagne's culture.
Nowadays, most of the necessary Caraway is obtained from crops.
The oil extracted from the seeds of caraway, fennel and coriander mixed uses, taken with sugar recovering dysentery and severe enterocolitis.
The volatile oil content of seeds of caraway, nerve tonic effects, favoring the cerebral circulation and reinstalling state of optimism and mental strength.
Halitosis or bad breath odor is removed using ... chewing after meals and between meals, a few caraway seeds.......
Spreading: The plant grows on fields and clay soils, plains, forest clearings, hill slopes, in grain fields, fields of corn, clover, potatoes, and beets.
Body vegetable used are flowers.
Harvest time: chamomile can collect spring by May-June.
Chamomile-natural treatments
Diseases that used chamomile are children colic, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, runny stomach, menstrual disorders (such as amenorrhea) and other disorders of the pelvic organs, insomnia, fever, pain from the wound and pain teeth.
Chamomile perspiration effect, calming, antispasmodic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory in inflammation of all kinds.
In external use is given as chamomile compresses and douche in conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, itchy skin rashes and suppurations.
Baths and douches have a calming effect, with beneficial influences on the entire nervous system.
After heavy diseases or weakly will feel better after a bath with chamomile.
Chamomile is very important in caring girl using douches[code][code][/code][/code]
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