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[c=#0073E5][b]Hello. [/b][/c]

[c=#E50000][b]I was wondering how much do you love iOrbix and what do you like at it? Sincerly, I am a big fan, I love it. It's a good way to have chat with other people around the world and also with my friends. The admins are amazing, they are helping you with everything you need and they also are very frendly and talkitive.
Well, what I like at it is... [u]everything[/u]! I don't want it to change, never.
This is my oppinion about iOrbix. [/b][/c]

[c=#0073E5][b]What's your oppinion about iOrbix? & if you dislike something, what's that something?
Leave a comment and please, be honest! [/b][/c]

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