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Are just three meters from the door...
One little step from single table...
And from my pen, one inch, no more,
But to reach them, i am not able...!

It's too much smoke... I fill your miss
With crowds of nicotine and tears...
Are weakest moments just like this,
When i need you to crush my fears!...

Oh...! Smell my words and tell me why
I feel the same, like my cigars!?
Why smoke, sometimes, don't makes me cry...?
And why my lips are full of scars...?

Why i see your reflected pain
In clouds of sin, around my bed?
Why i feel lonely when is rain
And when she's gone i am still sad...?

Come, taste my pillow... Taste my taste!
Open the doors for losted knocker...
Be one with screamings from the locker!...
Be voice of moments that i've waste...

Come, wash my purple wings forever
In wildest juice of crazy dirt!
Feel free to kill my ancient flirt...!
Feel free to use, like never ever...!...

Oh...! Please, be me!
Oh...! Please, be us! Please be together...!

So, will fight! Being against, learning forever!
As one mind!
As one arm!
ONE by ONE...!
Here would pretty much feat some well inspired lines like some kind of rocking blog entry! Wow! I love blogging, but i'm a very lazy type of guy! Could be Anemia or my pleasure of leaving everything for the last minute. So... I'll listen some music now and relax... Oh... What a pleasure... My mp3 player is a gate to heaven!...
When i'll grow up, somewhere around... ...74, i wanna be web designer, to winn 7.000€ on month and 90% of my missing satisfaction, back. 10% is called 'love' and is lost forever.
1-3 of 3
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