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Hi everyone!

If you using the [b]Google Chrome Browser[/b] to play [b]Flash Games [/b]on iOrbix, and you are having problems with your [b]Keyboard not being able to interact with the Flash game[/b], then you should try this simple Fix to solve that problem.

1) Click on the Spanner Button in the Top-Right corner of the Google Chrome Browser.
2) Options
3) Under the Hood
4) Content settings...
5) Plug-ins → Disable individual plug-ins...
6) Click on the + Details in Top-Right corner
7) Deactivate the first Flash File. It’s path should be something like this:

That's it!

No need to restart your computer or Browser, simply Refresh (Ctrl+F5) the page that the Flash Game was on, and you can enjoy playing games on iOrbix as normal again! :)

This fix will also affect Flash games on any other website, and it should fix problems with other Flash related objects like Youtube Videos and more.

Thanks for being on iOrbix, and try out our [b]Awesome Games![/b]

[b][c=#003366]=== Improving Google Chrome ===[/c][/b]

I'm writing this Blog post specifically for the [b]Google Chrome Development Team[/b]:!/ChromiumDev

In reply to:
[c=#003366][b]ChromiumDev[/b] [i]Chrome Dev Relations [/i]
@AndrewEDavis anything in particular you'd like to see that we could do for you? :)[/c]


In my opinion, [b]Google Chrome is currently the best Internet Browser[/b] available right now.

I was always a [b]Big Fan of Mozilla Firefox[/b] ever since I started using the Internet.
Recently however, since the release of [b]Firefox Version 4[/b], that Browser has become very unstable and caused me to switch over to Google Chrome.

After constantly using Google Chrome for over a month now, I've become addicted to it really.
It's really awesome to use, and beats Firefox in "almost" every way!

There are a few things that can be improved with Google Chrome and it's developer Tools.
For that reason, I continued using Firefox mainly for the Firebug Plugin while developing websites, and also for a few other reasons I'll explain later.

Nuno Peralta [i](My friend who does even more developing/coding that me)[/i] and I have made a list of Suggestions/Improvements for the Chromium Team.
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With all the excitement going on about Google+ right now, everyone is anxious to find out just how fast Google+ is growing.

Apparently the numbers are well into the [b]Millions![/b]

I made a very quick attempt at figuring out the the number of Google+ Profiles by using Google's own Search Engine.

[c=#660000]1) Look for a long enough "Phrase" that consistently appears on every single Google+ Profile.

2) The "Phrase" should be something that would rarely appear in a Post/Essay written by someone.

3) Make sure that "Phrase" does not appear consistently on any other Google+ pages. (Eg, Posts, etc...)[/c]

So I picked the Phrase: [b]"Report this profile"[/b] :p


Go to: [b][/b]

Filter the results by Website: [b][/b]
Filter the results by exact Phrase: [b]"Report this profile"[/b]


[b] "Report this profile"[/b] - So just paste this into your Google Search Bar.

About [b]4,810,000[/b] results


[b]4,810,000 Profiles[/b] seem fairly accurate compared with the findings of Paul Allen:

Apparently the result changes sometimes based on location and other factors. (If you are logged out of Google the results seem to be smaller)

I have no clue how accurate this is, but I hope this is helpful to someone.
Thanks for reading!
[i]-Andrew Davis[/i]

[c=#666600]Credits to: [/c]
[c=#006666][b]Paul Allen[/b]
[b]Atul Arora[/b] - For the initial concept.
[b]Nuno Peralta[/b] - For helping me with testing.[/c]

[c=#660000][b]=== Update ===[/b][/c]

A little update with my method:
Apparently sometimes when you run the search, you will get a lower number like: [b]2,070,000[/b]

But if you use the click Pagination at the bottom of the page results [b](2, 3, 4, 5 .... 10)[/b] apparently the results count gets updated more accurately.

So I'm getting [b]4,840,000[/b] at the moment once I start browsing through the page result numbers.

I'll test around with this a little more.

[c=#660000][b]=== Update ===[/b][/c]

Go straight to [b]Page 10[/b] of the search result:
You should get the full number now.

The earlier pages (1, 2, 3) doesn't count the full amount.
[c=#407080][b]Pyramid schemes and Multi-level marketing[/b][/c]

I've decided to write this Blog post, because I'm surprised that these "Business Models" are still so abundant and alive today, drawing in large amounts of unsuspected members (or victims) to join in an endless chain of deception.

Pyramid schemes and Multi-level marketing aren't exactly the same thing, but they are often very similar.


[b]Pyramid scheme:[/b]
[c=#408040][i]A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment, services or ideals, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme or training them to take part, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.[/i][/c]

[b]Multi-level marketing (MLM):[/b]
[c=#408040][i]Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Other terms for MLM include network marketing, and referral marketing, not to be confused with the actual referral marketing.[/i][/c]

Pyramid schemes are always "fake", they are basically an easy way for the people on the "Top of the Pyramid" to get rich, while those lower down the ladder work hard at sustaining the business.

These schemes pray on people's [b]Logic[/b] and [b]Emotions[/b].
I can tell you this first-hand, because I have met several friends and family who have fallen for these traps, and at the same time tried to encourage me to join also.


These plans are not stupid actually, they are very well put together, and very convincing.
The people who run these businesses appear to be very intelligent, successful and trustworthy.

Interestingly enough, the people who fall for these scams are usually also very intelligent persons themselves, or people who are very goal oriented and ambitious.

The most common targets seem to be young adults who are furthering their studies.
These Pyramid Con-Artists encourage their "followers" to hover around Universities and other Educational Institutions.

These young individuals are often aware of the "Rat Race", which is the common standard of living around the world.


[c=#408040]Get Education => Get a Job => Have a Family => Rat Race

At the point in life when a person usually feel they have begun to settle down, whether they decide to get married, have a family or not, they usually enter the [b]endless Cycle of a Day Job[/b].

You wake in the morning, go to work for small pay, get home tired, eat and sleep... then, begins the next day of fighting for survival in this world.

All your time and energy is spent working for Bosses and the Corporations.
You don't get very far in life (your goals and ambitions) once you get caught up in this cycle.[/c]

Now more than ever before, people are becoming aware of this recurring trend, and they don't want to live a trapped life like this.
That's why so many people are trying to start their own little businesses these days, or trying to find ways of being self employed, not constrained or controlled by a Boss.

That's where the crafty Pyramid Scheme Con-Artists step in.
They take advantage of that mental drive, and feeling of "enlightenment", and promise you freedom from the Rat Race or Day Job.

They tell you, "With a little work and the right attitude, our system can provide you the riches you are longing for."

In my experiences, when speaking to friends who were pulled in to these schemes, they sound very intelligent, well trained, and seem to understand exactly what they are talking about.

They are trained by those who recruit them, to be very professional and convincing.
These programs focus on exploiting the trust between family and friends.
It's 100 times easier to believe something from someone you trust (a person who is close to you), than some stranger who seems to be suddenly interested in making you wealthy (for whatever strange reason).

As I mentioned earlier, Pyramid schemes and Multi-level marketing aren't exactly the same.
However, many Multi-level marketing businesses are simply Pyramid schemes in disguise.

They simply add some Physical Product to the business equation to make it seem more legitimate.
They usually try to sell [b]Beauty Products, Health Care Items, Fuel for cars[/b], etc...

It's usually a bit "lame" when you look at in the Big Picture.
If their Products are really that good, why don't they sell it themselves as a company, instead of trying to get millions of salesmen to run around selling their Products for them.
(It should be more costly to pay individuals for their time to manually sell your Product).

They promise these people huge returns in earnings, but the fact is, they are just being used to manipulate their friends and family who trust the words of the victim.


Some risks of getting into Pyramid schemes and Multi-level marketing businesses are:

[b]1) Waste of Money[/b] - They often require you to pay a large amount of money to join.
[b]NEVER join a business that requires you to pay for membership.[/b] If they wanted your skills, they would be happy to pay you for it, instead of you paying them.

[b]2) Waste of Time[/b] - You spend countless hours trying to convince others to be "suckered in" to the same business, when you could be using that time to start your very own legitimate business you have full control of.

[b]3) Waste of Energy[/b] - You will loose your "Drive" of becoming self-employed and escaping the Day Job.
Once a person learns that these Schemes are just out there to rob them of their money, they often loose the Motivation they had before, and eventually enter the "Rat Race" like everyone else.

[b]4) Loss of Trust[/b] - If you are successful of convincing others to join the Scheme, once they eventually lean that it was all a big trap, they loose trust in you and other complications can arise in your relationship with them.


[c=#407080][b]If you have the right Drive, Attitude and Motivation to become successful in life, here are a some simple Tips on how to enter the Business world:[/b][/c]

[b]1) Become Specialized[/b] - Learn a Skill or improve on something you are already good at.
Focus on it, educate yourself, practice it and become an expert in your field.
Being an expert in 1 particular small area, is usually better than being good at a wide range of skills. [i](Business Wise)[/i]

[b]2) Do something you Enjoy[/b] - If you are starting a Business, it's important that you enjoy what you are doing.
This will help keep you motivated, and also, help you to enjoy life better.
Life and Business is not only about making money, but also about achieving happiness and a feeling of self-worth.

[b]3) Never give up[/b] - It's very easy to get discouraged when things aren't running as smoothly as planned.
No Business is perfect, there will always be ups and downs, obstacles ahead of the path.
Failure is simply part of the Process of learning. How many times you are willing to stand back up on your feet after failure, will determine how successful your business will be.


Check out this Forum for many more helpful and inspirational Articles on Business and Success:
[b]Business Room[/b]

If you encounter any "Get Rich Quick" schemes, or any "Business Models" similar to what I explained in this Article (Pyramid and MLM), step away from the trap, and try enlightening your friend/family about the risks involved.

If you still meet up to other very convincing Business arrangements that you are unsure of, feel free to send me a message about it, and I'll give you my honest opinion about it.

I have never "bashed" any of my friends who approached me with these models, I give an gentle yet honest critique on my opinion of how legitimate the idea really is.

Thanks for reading! :bd
[b][i](Working on Plans, Design and Layout this week)[/i][/b] (Y)

More info here:

iOrbix was officially released to the public on Wednesday 16th June, 2010.

Many new Features are still to come very soon and throughout the year!

We hope you enjoy using iOrbix and invite your friends to share in the fun and help build our iOrbix community!

The iOrbix Profile Skin Gallery is now released!

Try out the new Profile Skins available!
Many more are soon to come.

I hope you enjoy! :)


I'll be Buying one of these next year (2011) ;)

I'm not really an "Automobile Guy".
I don't know much about cars and I'm not obsessed about them.

However, the "Mercedes-Benz SLK R171" is just my Favorite for now! ^_^
I don't like Speeding/Racing by the way, nor do I fancy Race cars in general.

I like more Classy cars, but the "SLK R171" just Tops them all for me :)












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