It certainly ain't summer anymore and I must say that I really miss the Sun and the warm feeling that I felt when his rays were touching my face in the morning. I really hate this time of year. I don't like the cloudy weather and the icy cold wind that makes me wear a lot of clothing and even a hat. I don't like when my skin tenses up, when my teeth chatter and I certainly do not like the shivering that I must endure while waiting in a cold place for something or someone.

This time of year, everyone has red cheeks and a red nose and everyone looks sadder than before while passing next to you in a hurry. It is so cold that the light of the day comes up late and goes out early, while the Sun don't show up at all. I am scared by the thought that tomorrow or even today something worse could happen: it could rain. Oh my God, I'm so terrified.. quick, someone hold me!
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