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Fighting Gravity & The Glitch Mob

A few months ago, I saw on a romanian forum a YouTube film about one of the American's Got Talent's legends, Fighting Gravity. Many of the people who have seen their performances said that they are amazing, including Nuno.

Wikipedia says the following about them
[i]Fighting Gravity is a performance art troupe from Blacksburg, Virginia, who utilize black light and phosphorescence to entertain. They were among the finalists on the fifth season of America's Got Talent.[1] On September 15, 2010, it was revealed that they placed third in the competition.[/i]

Their first performance on the stage can be found at (I can't embed it because the uploader disabled this option).

Besides their act, I have also liked the background music they've used. It is created by The Glitch Mob and their most known songs are [i]Drive it like you stole it[/i] (played in the film above) and [i]How to be eaten by a woman[/i]. Upon googling for more of their music, I've come across a live performance in Houston ( and I've liked the first song they had played. I asked on Yahoo! Answers what's the name of that song, but even after a week I didn't get an anwser. When I was thinking at other ways to find the name of the song, I've remembered a website that recognizes your voice ( So I've installed my microphone, my speakers, hit the YouTube play button and the [i]Click and Sing or Hum button[/i] button and I waited. After several seconds, Midomi found that my song was a remix of Nalepa's Monday song.

In the end, I'm going to leave you one of my favourite songs, called Beyond Monday.

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