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About Google+

A few days ago, I asked one of my friends to offer me an invitation on Google+. I was excited to see this new social network and what new features it has.

My first impression about it was that Google+ is a neat copy of Facebook. It has implemented the well-known wall where you can find your friends' updates and also the new video chat feature (known as hangout). It isn't quite good to see this, but the staff will probably add new features which will make it unique for a period of time.

My next impression was the JavaScript used in this new social network. Google+ uses almost the same effect as Facebook at displaying your photos, but, instead of having the comments under the photo, they have them on the right. Moreover, you have a button called Actions which, on click, drops a menu with the actions you can do on the current photo, like Delete, Edit or Rotate. It isn't a good thing to do that, as I searched for the Delete option about two-three minutes.

As a conclusion, I might say that Google made their first step wrong in copying Facebook, but it isn't the first. Google Buzz and Google Wave have also failed because of their lack of promotion and security.
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Lol ^D
86.8% of Google+ users are male. Then, I assume it will be a social networks for gays, in the future...
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