Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva
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@Mary Muihne: obrigado
[i] aceite
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: o xd , baby , vou sair $:
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: diz qué mau xb
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: eheh (:
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: ahah , claro xd
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: sempre fofa (:
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: é bem coração (:
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: musica , falo com a menina (: e tu ? :b
@Dreiiɑ Sofiiɑ: <3
41-50 of 150
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