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Roᥕᥱᥒᥲ Morgᥲᥒ
Roᥕᥱᥒᥲ Morgᥲᥒ
—Stolas, dear, you shall soon have your dinner.
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— You have mine.
—Sorry, dear, but I only eat hearts.
— Really? It´s a good time to eat, actually. Would you share some meat with me?
—Be a good birdie, Stolas. Now, come, I have fresh meat just for you...
— ... Sorry about that, then.
—I do, dear, I do. But don't over do it, or you'll go hungry...
— Don´t you know me already?
—You're becoming too capricious perhaps, Stolas, dear.
— Feels bittersweet, indeed.
—Oh, don't tell me you're bitter now, fy annwyl.
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—Stolas, dear, you shall soon have your dinner. | Roᥕᥱᥒᥲ Morgᥲᥒ | iOrbix
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