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Win Cash!
Win Cash Prizes up to $100!
Get Hired!
Get contacted by Modelling Agencies!
Be Popular!
Be at the center of attention for a change!
We Make Fame on Agency Top Model
Top Model is a Global Contest where people display their potential and achieve their dream of being famous.
Be Famous - Be in the Spotlight by just showing what you are!
Show Potential - Show the World how much potential you have as a Model.
Achieve Your Dream - Who knows, maybe a Modeling Agency will contract you if you win this contest!
Agency Top Model is a Global Contest where people display their potential and achieve their dream of being famous. On Top Model, contestants can be in the Spotlight by just showing what they are, and how much potential they have as a Model. Individuals have a bigger chance of being contracted by a Modeling Agency if they win this contest. Anyone can be the center of attention for a change.
At Agency Top Model, we are looking for Natural Models. That is, we don’t need professional models with altered bodies. Anyone can be a model, once they are confident and willing to work hard. People who don’t take the effort to try won’t be rewarded for sure. There is no reason to be shy.

Users may join our Agency Top Model website just to vote for contestants. At any moment they may join the contest, so that others can vote for them also. Voting for Top Model Contestants consist of ranking the models between 1 and 5 Stars. Users may choose who to vote for. By default, boys vote for girls and girls vote for boys. However, this setting can be changed, and users can also vote for both genders.

There are two categories of contestants: Classy and Exotic. Classy Models show their style, fashion sense and how great they look in various clothing. They show everyone their most pretty and charming looks! Exotic Models show their physical beauty and attractiveness. They let people admire their great figure and how well they take care of their body.

Top Model is a high quality monthly contest. Every month, the contest starts over and winners of the previous month are awarded with real money and get a chance of being contacted and hired by Modeling Agencies. The cash prizes are amounts up to $100. Winners of this contest are very fortunate and deserve a good reward for their effort.

Agency Top Model provides ways to help users to win the contest. We have a Popularity Board, where users can raise their Popularity Points every day, pushing them to the top of the board. The more points they have, the more popular those contestants can be. Voting for other contestants will also increase the points of the user who votes. There are other extra ways of earning points, such as buying them or inviting friends to join the site and the contest.

So that everyone can be a winner, every contestant is rewarded with Coins and Reputation points on the Social Network iOrbix, which users may activate their account at any time. This makes it fairer to all the models, and they are not wasting their time entering our contest. When judging the contestants, if both have activated their iOrbix account, they can interact with each other through Photo Comments and a more complete Profile.

Each application can have a Main Photo and two Additional Photos. With the additional, the models may show other perspectives of their bodies. The main photo must only contain the contestant, and their face must be clear. Models can also write a little description about themselves. Top Model Contest also gives a lot of importance to the personalities of the Competitors. Contestants may leave the contest at any moment.

We have several ways of detecting cheating and fraud applications or votes. As expected in any contest or social site, there are always individuals that commit fraud and use fake info. However, those are detected sooner or later. In addition, winners must verify their real identity so that they are considered valid and receive the Award, Prize Money.

So far, our users are very satisfied and happy with the Top Model Contest. This has been a success since Agency Top Model was founded. We are eager to keep working on improving the contest.
Top Model | iOrbix
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