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Seems like I'm not the only one missing Demian around(???) - cof cof - it isn't such a bad idea bringing him in at some point. But Dean is most needed, yes.
I know, I need to reply to all of you with him. I've been wanting to, but my lack of time sometimes. Last months have been a mess for me in RL. Demi loves you all! Forgive him! Sniff! -lol-
Yeah, if more characters are needed, they can always show around. We'll have to see about that later.
It's okay ! We all know what that is, take your time and don't worry, we'll wait ! After all Demi's that good(???) xD
Exactly!! Go with the flow
-Smites everyone in this post for reasons, a light smiting, mind you-

Medamnit, Amara! What the hell?! I guess I'm in. Can't have a God vs Darkness throw-down without little ole me!
We're talking archangels so Michael has got to be there for sure. If you all want Benny on board, I can drag him in too. The others will make cameos (?)

So obviously, Sam is a legit fan of Chuck and will end up on his side. Will Dean be persuaded toward Amara still? Or should that little fact fade? Maybe at first the boys both sympathize with her but then quickly realize she's out of control. Family therapy session, anyone?
Gabriel might be needed like I was telling you on skype, so I'll bring him for the ride as well.

Dean could be persuaded toward Amara since he and Lucifer beared with the mark, I wonder if the mark vanished from Lucifer as well after freeing Amara, or... ? -that could be of use!-
I say, why the hell not!? I'm sure it's got some lasting effects. Amara apparently feels it, she can enforce that special bond in her own little way.
If Cain was still alive... (?)
We'd all be dead. Well... you all will be.
We'd need more [i]'first blades'[/i] -lmao!-
41-50 of 145
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