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So Aka you're going to the dark side? - that's interesting, she thinks(?)- My Jo will be on the God's side cause she such a good girl, an Angel in a human form(???) xD

Just kidding, as Lucifer here said... We can start bu choosing a side now and later on switch sides for some reason. A lot can happen in the middle of wars so.
This other hunter here also agrees with this topic ! I'm always looking for some fun!
Interesting? It's should be predictable Jo, you know I'm a very bad girl , a Demon dressed up like an angel(??) XDDDD
Obviously, Dean will have to say no-no to Amara(?). So far I'll going to be playing Lucifer and Dean, maybe other characters in case they're really needed. Sam was mentioning Meg, and since Meg is one of my accounts, I can use it. Let me know.
Got me there girl. You're such a bad bad baaaaad girl. God is gonna smite you(????) XD
I guess Meg isn't exactly a main ! So it's up to you if you want to use her or not !!

Daddy loves me Jo..... Probably xD
I bet daddy loves you, but you know his temper, don't you? X

Lucifer, I could bring my Calypso here too, just in case if anyone think that could a plus to this rp(?)
I do , but I like to believe I'm lovely enough for him to forgive me *.*

Well, my Kateri is already in ready to kick some ass xD
We have characters, I can also drop Demian around if he's needed, I know he could make some people laugh at least, but we'll see. Lucifer's my main, and Dean it's needed in this storyline [i]obviously[/i].
Yeah laugh.. He and Akantha still have some pendent business but lets not talk about that now xD Lucifer and Dean are obviously required, others you just need to see if they'll fit that part of the storyline or something!
31-40 of 145
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