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@Andrew Davis: oooo I love it and i like :D n.n

We have been working on this since the beginning of this year (2013), analyzing and studying everything in detail in order to improve iOrbix usability.

We also want to make sure that all the problems and errors are fixed and things work much better and softer. We are working almost every day since we've started this.

Lots of small new features everywhere are being added, based on your requests or on how we think we can improve things.

The New iOrbix will also have some new [c=#0000E5]surprises[/c], like a [b][c=#E50000]New Profile Layout[/c][/b] and a [b][c=#E50000]New Messenger[/c][/b]. Our previews above are showing the Messenger as you are using at the moment, but there is still a lot of work to do there!

Another surprise is a [b][c=#E50000]iOrbix Mobile Application[/c][/b] for Android:


We are re-inventing iOrbix, but we want to hear your opinions too. We have always listened to our users and we will never change that. That is why I think iOrbix is unique.

[i]-Nuno, Andrew & iOrbix Staff[/i]
[b]Hello everyone! :)
We are very happy to finally reveal to everyone what the New iOrbix will look like.[/b]

We know that this current layout could do with much improvements, so we have worked on coming up with a layout that is: [b]Professional and Detailed, yet Simple and Clean[/b]

Many new exciting feature changes will be made to iOrbix as well. Only good improvements, to help you enjoy iOrbix much better!

So here as some Screenshots of what the New iOrbix will look like:
[b](Click on the Link above each photo to see a Full Screen view of it)[/b]

[b]=== iOrbix Home Page (Logged In) ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Love Theme ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Riches Theme ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Professional Theme ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Message Center ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Album Photo ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Popup Alert ===[/b]
Full View:


[b]=== iOrbix Home Page (Active) ===[/b]
Full View:

This Preview shows many "Active" states happening on the page at the same time.
It looks clustered for that reason, but this cannot actually happen while using iOrbix.



So we hope you like the New iOrbix. :)

We expect this layout to be released publicly in 2-4 months from now.

Above, you will notice about 4 different Color Themes.
There will be around 10 Themes ready when the new iOrbix is released. We may go up to 16 or more eventually.

I have other Businesses of mine, apart from iOrbix, to attend to;
and Nuno has a full time job which keeps him occupied.
So please bear with us a bit longer, till we find the time to completely install this new layout.

[b]Please let us know what you think about it in the Comments below.

Thanks for supporting and staying with us!
iOrbix will be getting pretty awesome very soon! (Y)[/b]

[i]-Andrew, Nuno & iOrbix Staff[/i]
31-34 of 34
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