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Yes of course :)
Anywhere, the new layout won't be perfect.. so I will still have something to report or suggest.
There are no huge bugs so far Criss, those we find we fixed asap ;)
The rest things are OK, I like them, but I'm curious regarding bugs ;))
Hello Criss,

The AD in the header will be hidden most of the time, as soon as you scroll down.

A great thing about the New iOrbix is that it has less ADs, so you don't have to worry about that.

We would still like to know what you think about the rest. Seems you only worried about the AD and ignored all the rest.

Thank you.
Hello Brothers,

I don't like the previews because of a reason:
-> The Ad: Will occupy almost the whole header, and doesn't look pretty at all. So put that somewhere, where it will look cooler.

I'm very anxious to test the whole new iOrbix.

Thank you,
Cool! It's amazing (Y) Congratulations
Hi,You know Andrew been a website manager is not that easy but I want to encourage u. The New iorbix Layout is not bad, keep it up and I am very proud to be part.THANKS.
This looks great, Andrew! I really hope people would take their time to open the images in Full View to fully understand the changes and give a feedback.
21-30 of 34
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