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Hello Lucia,

You can still play the youtube videos not hidden in profile sections, if you want. :)

Just go to: Account -> Edit your info -> and then, choose a section where you want to place your youtube clip.

Thank you,
I know that, but it's not autoplaying my not hidden videos xD I'm not sure if I am being clear...what you guys did, would work in the comments section. We could have either options in our profile sections autoplay hidden or not. It's only a sugestion. But thank you for your answers :)
Those were on iOrbix some time ago, but the options have been removed, because as Nuno said, we have made improvements regarding autoplay videos :D.
Just take it on consideration again xDDDD work on something and not removing something that many, I'm sure, used a lot. It gives life to our pages an auto play video. Have a nice Sunday guys! x3

The biggest problem here is that the song didn't auto-play as soon as your profile loaded, before this improvement. This is because people needed to scroll down until they see the video, so that it starts to playing.

This is one of the reasons we made this change.
You may still put the video on your profile, but you don't need to force other people to watch it.

Much better! :D Now you made it clear. Thanks
buen dia tengo otra sugerencia en temas que se habre en los foros, seria buena idea que tubiera las mismas carateristicas, colocar un video oculto autoreproducible y con la opciones del centrado de textos etc igual a los cambios que se hicieron recientemente

That is already possible, for the Introduction of the Forums.
If you own a Forum, please check its Settings. :)

Thank you.
bueno yo me refiero si en el foro X quiero habrir un nuevo tema por ejemplo bienvenida y yo quiero poner un video oculto y centrar texto como lo esta el perfil del foro.
Well, that is what we want to fix.
If anyone can control the profiles or forums of other people, that is not a good idea. Allowing everyone to post undesired music in hidden places without owner's consent is a privacy issue that we don't want to allow.

We hope you understand this.
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