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In my opinion is much better, more clean and simple but i don't like so much the top menu and the logo, i think the current logo is much better, the header could be better, but the rest i (Y) it :)

I`ll do as you said.

By seeing ADs, you are not downloading any program. Also, Google does its best to avoid dangerous ADs to appear on their advertisements. Trust me that if the ADs were viruses, iOrbix would not have them displayed for our users.

It is like when you go in a restaurant, you don't remove their ADs when you go there. Also, by seeing the ADs, you are not buying them unless you want. That's exactly the same with iOrbix.

If you want to support iOrbix and keep it running, please do not filter the ADs.

That's all I have to say. Thank you for understanding,
@Nuno Peralta ::

Many of ADs contain viruses, and once I download some programs for phone, for example, they redirect me in weeds...

They are repeating always. Choose more ADs and shuffle them, and then, probably I will like them.
@Nuno Peralta: right nuno =))
It's no problem Criss. I just hope that in the day you want to earn money with your sites, you never put ADs, so that I won't install an AD blocker as well. :)

Please understand that I [c=#E50000]DON'T LIKE[/c] ADs. To I don't say, hate.
@Cristian Alexandru: I'm not answering about the other points, but, about the Ads, you should read this topic, I think it's going to make you change your mind.
*.* finally I like the new will be soon iOrbix .
Each with their opinion ^.^ ;) :D
Hey again,

I found new issues, while I scanned again the pictures.

-> Regarding coins, don't separate the hundreds, tens, units with comma. It looks well so (just like in this old layout of iOrbix)
-> Find another position for "All" Albums, because that link is repeating with "All" Pictures.

-> Those will be backgrounds for skins?

-> Regarding the ADs, because I don't support them, I'mm install an AD Blocker.
-> The navigation menu is small, enlarge it, and make sections larger.
11-20 of 34
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