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The rest things are OK, I like them, but I'm curious regarding bugs ;))
There are no huge bugs so far Criss, those we find we fixed asap ;)
Anywhere, the new layout won't be perfect.. so I will still have something to report or suggest.
Yes of course :)
Hey again,

I found new issues, while I scanned again the pictures.

-> Regarding coins, don't separate the hundreds, tens, units with comma. It looks well so (just like in this old layout of iOrbix)
-> Find another position for "All" Albums, because that link is repeating with "All" Pictures.

-> Those will be backgrounds for skins?

-> Regarding the ADs, because I don't support them, I'mm install an AD Blocker.
-> The navigation menu is small, enlarge it, and make sections larger.
*.* finally I like the new will be soon iOrbix .
Each with their opinion ^.^ ;) :D
@Cristian Alexandru: I'm not answering about the other points, but, about the Ads, you should read this topic, I think it's going to make you change your mind.

Please understand that I [c=#E50000]DON'T LIKE[/c] ADs. To I don't say, hate.
It's no problem Criss. I just hope that in the day you want to earn money with your sites, you never put ADs, so that I won't install an AD blocker as well. :)
@Nuno Peralta: right nuno =))
11-20 of 34
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