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desde que entre a iorbix me muero por poner uno en mi foro ya tengo mi soundtrack listo para ir dejandolo para que quede original
We will try to do that as soon as possible, but we can't guarantee it will be released today. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. :)
Hi! n.n ... mmm I have a question ^^. Why, erased the automatic reproduction in the videos?. It's only temporary?
(Sorry for my fucking english)

It is a permanent change. However, it is easier and better to be done on Profiles.

The only thing that is missing now, is the Forums. We are working on this feature for Forums.

To insert a song on your profile, please check this page:
mmmmmm D: Ok, thank u.
I used to like the auto play videos just fine :'(
Why remove the option?
@Lucia Chi: We didn't remove anything. We just improved the way it works. Please check the first post of this topic again, for the new instructions.
I am talking about this

"In order to improve user experience, we removed the ability of adding Autoplay Youtube videos in Comments, Interests and other places."

A while a go, I could choose if I wanted the video to auto play hidden or not.

Now, I can only auto play song hidden

I want my music to auto play along with the video

If you didn't remove anything, how can I make that happen? Cuz my settings are all ok...

Thank you.

The problem of auto-playing songs in Comments is that you could break the privacy of other people, by adding auto-playing videos as comments on other profiles, for example.

You could also put more than 1 video auto-playing at the same time, which makes no sense too.

So, the only reason you would want to make a video auto-playing, is if you want a song on your profile. For that, we've improved the feature.

I hope you understand. Thank you.
I see Nuno, but I'm not saying that I want auto play videos for comments. I want auto play videos not hidden in my profile...
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