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Here you can say whatever you want.[b][c=#E57300] Discuss Supernatural episodes, characters, etc.[/c][/b]

Though i mainly opened this topic, in hopes[b][c=#E57300] everyone who's a part of the group[/c][/b], participates and suggests [b][c=#E57300]new topics[/c][/b], [b][c=#E57300]new games[/c][/b], ideas for a [b][c=#E57300]main RP topic[/c][/b] since we have many but none of them is actually a [i]main[/i].

Supernatural ocs, ocs, crossovers, anything is accepted. That's the group's motto after all.

So, yeah, [i]that[/i], toss ideas, anything!

[center][b][c=#E57300]Thank you for your attention.[/c][/b][/center]

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah booi, and we need to discuss about a main storyline for the group, one in which everyone can participate!

-Is thinking. Loading...(?)-
Yes, YES, the main RP Topic thing. -Battle royale much?!-

Load all the ideas, load them all! (?)
I'm actually happy that there's this topic was created. So, for starters. I'm all caught up on supernatural aside from the episode that came out this week. To be honest and share my opinion, the writers are screwing so much with what they have been doing with Lucifer and the Wimchesters brothers. Anyway, it's still and will always be my favorite show.

I'm thinking that for the rp for the group we should go AU and change some facts that occurred there to our like, something that would please everyone(?)
AU it's a necessary thing, but I don't mind playing a dark!Lucifer if anyone needs it. Just saying.
Definitely AU! Let's create a whole new SPN season! -Such dreams-
There's classic ideas like... Angels vs Demons? I've seen groups based of that thing, in which users have to choose a band or something. An apocalyptic world? Maybe humans are trying to survive this war.
That's an idea, I'm not sure how it would work out, but I thought I'd drop it just in case.
A dark Lucifer doesn't bad for a change, I mean, but I think there should be a reason behind why he went dark in the first place if I am making any sense? (???) - thinks harder - What if God and Amara were pissed at each other all over again and that would trigger a new war?
sound bad* ( dam it mobile)
Maybe not pissed at each other again because, that could be funny. Maybe a variation of what happened in s11's finale. Maybe they didn't end up in good terms, Chuck managed to save himself, and some kind of war starts...?
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