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[center]🌺That's right, after a well deserved break, your favorite fanfiction writer is [u][c=#E50073]back[/c][/u]!! x3


And since i am sure you still remember the procedure... go ahead!
Give me your prompts!
[b][c=#E50073]All of them!! [/c][/b]


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[b]YouWillSayYesEventually posted:
How about that idea I was telling you about before, with Lucifer, Castiel, Nick and Jimmy all inside Jimmy's vessel? A kind of parody, they need to bear with that until Lucifer finds a new vessel for him and Nick, like... Nick's vessel, which is temporarily out of service(???)
[b][c=#663300]Fanboy83 posted: [/c][/b]

I'd like to read something with Sastiel (Samstiel?). Sort of a Netflix and chill situation, maybe settling in after a difficult case? Thanks!
[b]WhatIsAUsernameFor posted: [/b]

I would like to read about Sam walking in on Castiel when he is trying to place a slice of bread around a cat's head. Sam later finds out that [b]Chuck's Super Cute Cat blog[/b] is the reason behind the Angel's shenanigans. This happens in the bunker, of course.
[b][c=#660000]JustTryingToReachDoubleDigits Posted:[/c][/b]

How about a little ficlet describing what demon Squirrel and i did to those lovely triplets, yes? Male/female triplets, you pick, darling.
[c=#0073E5][b]ChainedToAComet posted:[/b][/c]

I'll...[i]ahem[/i], indulge myself by asking the following. I'd like to read a story where Jimmy and Nick 'break' up and then one night, Nick's casually walking down the street, when he spots Jimmy and his wife having dinner at some restaurant. There. -Still so very glad Claire is not around to see any of this!-
[b] superfanofGod posted: [/b]

You know me, a fan of the classics. Can you write something where Castiel is the antihero who later meets up Soulless!Sam? That'd be an interesting twist of events!
[b]DoYouHaveADickInYouWouldYouLikeTo posted:[/b]

It will be nice to read something in between meals once again. Glad you are back, Ms Rosen. As for the prompt, i want to read something about Dick dating Rowena in an alternate universe. And of course that insufferable son of hers does not approve of the relationship. Go wild.
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[i]What a mess! I'm gonna give it my best shot. XD[/i]

[center][b][c=#660033]Work Text:[/c][/b][/center]

"Can you really beat her?" A bloody Castiel asked.

The devil smirked, fist still raised."I can."



After a quick, awkward goodbye to the Winchesters, Lucifer; now possessing Castiel's vessel; turned around and returned to Hell. He had a few things to discuss with Crowley after all...and he also had a dangerous witch to dispose of.


Lucifer didn't care about the demons and he never really cared about Hell either, but those abominations he created were the perfect tools...and hey, what if he feels like self indulging himself and let them worship him for a little while, so what? The devil was sitting on the poor excuse of a throne Crowley used to sit on, playing angry birds on a tablet some demon had brought him...and he was actually quite entertained with the game. Even if it was greatly frustrating at times.

"Stupid swines." Lucifer snorted at the [b]Game Over[/b] screen, tossing the tablet aside, not even caring it ended up broken when it hit the hard, concrete floor. "Should probably check on the former [i]landlord[/i]..." He snickered, mumbling the words mostly to himself, as he leaned back on the throne and closed his eyes, his vessel going limp.


Jimmy had been trapped inside his body for over seven years now. He should have gone to Heaven when Raphael destroyed his body. Should have gone to Heaven when Lucifer destroyed his body. Should have gone to Heaven when the Leviathans destroyed his body, he That's one big ass endless list of what ifs right there, isn't it? Why he still remained with Castiel, he'll never know.

Been a long time since he has been aware of his surroundings, too.

Jimmy mostly spends his time in a corner of his own mind, reading, painting, cooking food he doesn't need to eat...wishing Cas would visit him more often. To say he feels lonely, would be an understatement.

"Cassie...psst psst, are you here? You know i will find you event-...oh."

That strange, yet familiar voice had Jimmy lifting his gaze from the book he was reading and gazing over at the onwer of said voice. That was...oh God, that was...! "Nic-...Lucifer?!"

"You're not Castiel, uh..."

Lucifer obviously appeared to Jimmy in the form of Nick, no wonder the poor man was scared. Mostly confused. What could he possibly...

"What are you doing here?!" Jimmy quickly got up, eyes on the devil the entire time. Then again, it's not like he can go anywhere. And he doubts a fake, mind-produced chair will hurt Lucifer. He could still try, though. See what happens.

"I could ask you the same exact thing, James." Lucifer taunted, bringing a finger to poke at his chin. "You should be dead. Anyway, i am not here for you...have you seen Castiel? Hmm?"

"What are you doing inside my body?!" Jimmy yelled.

"I was invited." Lucifer shrugged. "And i would like very much to see Cassie and thank him personally for the vow of trust."

"Castiel would never..."

And then Lucifer vanished, reappearing right behind the religious man. "But he did...he must be real desperate, don't you think?" Long, cold fingers slid up Jimmy's jaw, gently cupping his face. " After all, i am Earth's last hope."

"Lucifer, stop."

What was that? Jimmy blinked a few times, jerking away from the devil's touch, blue eyes staring at him in confusion. Did Lucifer just say [i]that[/i]? What?

"Aww, Nick, i was having fun. You should be glad i am letting you touch your little sheep here..." Lucifer giggled, the little shit.

Nick? Nick was speaking through...Lucifer? How's that even possible?!

Seeing the confusion on Jimmy's face, the archangel grinned. "Right, see, Nick here is like my personal hallucination. Yep, had it coming."

"H-how...why am i hearing him if he's, uh...."

"Minds are mysterious things, aren't they?"

Nick wasn't real...but Jimmy could still hear him.
Now that was just cruel. Been years since he left his family...and lover, and he has never stopped blaming himself ever since.

"Ignore him, Jimmy. He'll go away. Eventually." Nick said.

"Nuh-huh, i won't! Feels warm and cozy in here!" Lucifer countered, a pout forming on his lips. "Besides...i was thinking we could have a little fun..." He added later, making grabby hands at Jimmy.

Oh...heeeeell no!

"Cas...please, Castiel, where are you?!" Jimmy's time to reach out to him.

"Lucifer." Castiel groaned, entering the living room.

[i][b]-Insert loud round of applause here! Yes, Supernatural's filmed in front of a live studio audience!!!(?)-[/b][/i]

"Leave Jimmy alone. Your beef is not with him."

"Aww. Castiel. About time you showed up." The devil smiled, ignoring Jimmy as he walked to his little brother. "Looking a bit worn out, Cassie."

"I allowed you in me to get rid of the darkness. Do not waste your time harassing the soul whithin me. Please."

"I...i don't get it, little thursday." Lucifer started, lifting a brow. "Why is he still here?"

Good question. Jimmy's ears perked up at that, curious about Castiel's asnwer.

"It is not of import. You are in control, do what you must...but leave him alone."

Chuckling, Lucifer shook his head. "I get cling to the soul when you feel lonely. That's cute."

Jimmy looked from the devil to Castiel, searching for a reaction.

"Cas is tha-?"

But before Jimmy could ask anything else, the Angel was putting him to sleep. Lucifer was still laughing in the background while Jimmy's numb body fell onto the couch.

"Good." That was Nick.

"You think? Meh, we can have still some fun with he is, he won't complain."

"Stop placing pervy thoughts into my head, Lucifer!" The hallucination moaned.

"I am not doing such thing. You are the hallucination here, not me!" Lucifer accused. "You are putting those thoughts into my head instead., Nick, had no idea you had a somnophilia kink."

Rolling his eyes, a very exasperated Castiel turned around, blue eyes glaring daggers at his older brother. "If we could go back to the main plot now..."

Lucifer smiled widely, clapping his hands once. "Loving the sass, little brother. You sure put the ASS in CASS, huh?" He teased, winking.


Castiel should have never said yes.

[center][b][c=#660033]The End[/c][/b][/center]

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[i]I admit i had fun writing this! Hope you have fun reading it too! XD[/i]
[b]YouWillSayYesEventually replied to Samlicker81's comment:
Nick was a hallucination???? -LMAO!- I had fun, thanks lol
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