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[c=#000066]While we're on the topic of games, I've got one of my own we can all play. Would you like to hear it?

Rules are simple. Ask the question "would you rather" and then pick two different events. The person who answers then must ask a new question. Got it?

I'll go first then,

[center]Would you rather [b]make love soft and slow with Sam Winchester or rough and fast with yours truly? [/b][/center] [/c]
I would rather do it rough and fast with Balthazar.

[b][c=#E50000][center]Now, would you rather read a Wincest fanfic by Becky rosen or drink a glass of Borax?[/center][/c][/b]
[c=#0000E5]Drink a glass of Borax.

-It won't hurt him! But reading wincest will.... -

[center][b]Would you rather say yes to angel possession or be used by a demon?[/b][/center][/c]
-Tricky one! Seriously-

Say yes to Angel possession.

[b][center][c=#0073E5]Would you rather put your hand into a pot of boiling water because an Angel said so, or cut your hand with a kitchen knife because an Angel said so?[/c][/center][/b] [i][center]-Feel the sass, Castiel!-[/i][/center]
Ouch! What the cuss?! Well, I think I'd rather put my hand in a pot of boiling water because an Angel said so.

[center][b][c=#0073E5]Would you rather be oblivious to the supernatural or know all about it like a boss? [/c][/b][/center]
Oblivious all the way. -His life could have been so different!! Sniff-

[center][b][c=#0073E5]Would you rather save Adam from the cage or binge watch your favorite show for the nth time?[/c][/b][/center]
-SHIT! We forgot Adam!-

Save Adam from the cage, of course! -shifty eyes!-

[b][center][c=#006600]Would you rather be cursed with bad luck for the rest of your life or relive the exact same day for eternity? [/c][/center][/b]
I would rather be cursed with bad luck for the rest of my life. -Isn't he cursed already?!-

[center][b][c=#E57300]Would you rather have sex with the reaper April or be a virgin forever? [/c][/b][/center]
I would definitely fuck the reaper April! You kidding me?

[center][b][c=#000066]Would you rather be killed by Castiel or a bloody Winchester?[/c][/b][/center]
I would rather be killed by one of those Winchester boys.. Sorry Cas, but I can't say no to those hotties ! - dirty angel talk(?)-

[center][c=#7300E5][b]Would you rather let Lucifer turn you into his favourite pet, or have sex with Balthy here?[/b][/c][/center]
1-10 of 94
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