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First of all, I'm not religious. I'm asking you this to try to understand why do you belive in God.

Please don't take this at the hard way.
Sergio, You don't have to be "religious" to believe in God. Believing in God is not a "religion", it is a personal relationship. The word religion begins division. Even Satanism, Luciferianism, Wiccan, is a "religion". The word religion is a general term. There are too many things out there that people call religion. Buddhism is another one, Hinduism...and on and on.

To Believe in the One and ONLY True Supreme being is to know that there is One who created all things. The argument seems to be, between people is...WHO is that Creator. What is HIS NAME?

Once you recognize who the Creator is, then you realize just how much He loves you. Who else could love you so much that He would give His life for you? Yahweh is the ONLY God, who is Spirit, in which you are not allowed to build idols to kneel before and pray to.

Catholicism is full of idol worship. You have the statue of the Virgin Mary, and all the saints.

I was raised a Catholic. Catholics never really read the Bible. The priest was the one who explained different things. I was lead to another church by a really good friend. He had used to be Catholic too.
We all have a concept of what is right and wrong. God put that there. He is the one who put that inner conscience into us. As we grow and mature, some of decide to find out who is behind that still little voice that tells us that something is wrong to do. Some of us come to the truth and some of us don't.

The interesting thing about this is...this is all in the Bible which is the Word of God. I never knew this until I started reading the Bible for myself. There are many, MANY things in the Bible that was written that you see happening today! How can something that was written so very long ago...know the future?

Being lead to this other church, I found, when I started to pray, that I was really truly sorry for the wrong that I had done and the people I had hurt in my life. I asked Jesus, that is He was truly real and gave His life for my sins, to reveal Himself to me. To come into my life, my heart, and rule it differently. Ya know what? He did. I had a most REAL transition. I felt different and I seen things in a different light...JUST LIKE THAT, at the snap of the fingers. I have been a Christian ever since. I have had many prayers answered but they HAVE to line up with the Word of God.

The Lord never said we would have an easy life. But He DID say that He would always be there for us and help us through. That we are not to be as concerned with this life on earth as we will one day die. But to be concerned with what happens AFTER we die. There is only one way to get to where we want to go.

Anyone who is truly honest, will admit that there are only 2 forces in this world. There are good things, and there are bad things. Who is BEHIND those forces is what you want to look for.

When one comes to the realization that there is a God and who He is, then you will see the LOVE that is with Him. Love is never hurting someone...wouldn't you agree? Love is being good to yourself as well. You didn't create you and your life is not your own. Your life belongs to your Master, your Creator. It is only fair that we love Him in return. He wants to be there for you and you can believe me when I say, He is so very real. He proved it to me and He can and will prove it to you...if you TRULY want to know. Seek Him with all your heart, like you would a lost love and you will see. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose but everything to gain.
Well, there are allot of reasons why I believe God.
I'll try to list the main ones:


1) I have personally seen allot of "Miracles" happen in my lifetime.
Things that I believe that could have only happened because of God, and not by chance.


2) I believe in the Bible. The Bible is known as the most remarkable and unusual book in existence. It has no comparison to any other book that ever was written. [i](Hindu Vedas, the Mohammedan Koran, etc...)[/i]

If one reads it in detail, they will begin to realize how amazing it is.
It was written by over 40 authors during a 1500 year time period.

Yet, everything in the Bible all ties together and does not contradict itself. (As if only one being wrote it - Which is of course God).


3) By Logic, a World and Universe that is so vast and immense, filled with Mysteries, Wonders, so many things still left undiscovered, could not have been created out of an Explosion (Big Bang).

To believe that all living things on earth originated from a single cell (which I don't know how it got alive or survived in the first place), seems a ridiculous theory to me.

The world, the Human body, etc... is simply to complex to have not been carefully designed by someone greater.

The Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the sun. If it was just a few miles closer, we would all roast alive; if it was a few miles further away on the other hand, we would all freeze to death. The fact is, this Earth was placed in the exact position for the life upon it to survive. Why is this? Was it just a lucky accident? Is it not far easier to believe that the world was placed in such a position for a purpose?

There was a true story involving Einstein that went something like this:

Albert Einstein had a dispute with another Professor about the existence of God.

Later her added to his office, a working model of the solar system, with the sun in the center, and the known planets in orbit around it. A small electric motor caused the planets to revolve around their sun.

The Professor visited Einstein’s home one day, saw the model then asked: "Who constructed this model? "

Einstein: “Oh, no one did. A small explosion took place in my office and the Model just appeared there.”

Professor: “That’s ridiculous! Someone Must have build and placed it there!”

Einstein: “Indeed...”
"How much more ridiculous it is to believe that the the Earth and entire Universe came about my a random explosion!"

[i](This is just how I remembered the story.)[/i]


4) It simply makes more sense to believe in God than not.

You don't really loose anything by believing in God and Jesus Christ.
Some people say that it "Takes away from the fun in life", but I can still enjoy my life as a Christian.

I prefer to be a person with good Morals that not.

If you refuse to believe in God and Jesus, and there IS life after death, Heaven and Hell, etc...
Then you'll regret not believing in him in this life, for the rest of eternity.

It simply seems to be the "Safer" choice, if there is a 50/50 chance God may or may not exist.


5) Here is a teaching of mine that explains what probably happened in the beginning of this world.
It supports the Existence of Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, etc...
So it shows that God and Science CAN co-exist.

[b]Genisis 1:1 - What happened in the Beginning of Time?[/b]

1 - I really can't answer to that comment.
2 - Yeah, that's right, everything ties together The Bible. Except some things like, the enourmus noah's ark with all the animals species, and don't even mind to say that The Bible is all metaphorical, I'm sick of that story.
3 - The Big Bang Teory is so or less ridiculous than say that we were created by a bearded old man who watch us all from the sky.
4 - Course that it's easier to belive that someone is looking for us and when we die we don't really die, we just go to a better place, but I prefer to be rational.

Here's something to you to think about. If God is so good and kind why did he orded Abraham to kill his son. I though that God was omniscient. There is a contradiction for The Bible.
Hi, I'm now reading your reply here.

You see, the problem is that 99% of the people that criticize the Bible understand so little about it.


[b]2[/b] - About Noah's Ark, I don't see why it is impossible.

Noah only had to take "7 of the clean" and "2 of the unclean" beasts/animals.

He did not take into the Ark any Animals that could already survive the flood.
Fish, Whales, Reptiles, etc...

I'll quote some research for you:

[i][c=#804040]"In my research, breaking these figures down further, of the 24,000 amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, 10,000 are birds, 9,000 are reptiles and amphibians, many of which could have survived outside the ark, and only 5,000 are mammals, including whales and porpoises, which would have also remained outside the ark. Other researchers estimate that there are only about 290 species of land mammals larger than sheep and about 1,360 smaller than rats. So, even if estimates are based on these expanded figures, the ark could easily have accommodated a pair of all these animals."
[i](The Deluge Story in Stone, by B. C. Nelson, 1949, p. 156; The Flood in the Light of the Bible, Geology, and Archaeology, by A. M. Rehwinkel, 1957, p. 69)[/i]


[b]3[/b] - Well, that's all your personal opinion what is more ridiculous or not to you.

If I see a book that wasn't there before, appear on my desk while I was away, I'd assume someone placed it there.

If you prefer to assume it came there with a "Bang" well cool for you. (Y)

Just because I didn't see someone put the book on my desk, doesn't mean that the person is non-existent.


[b]4[/b] - Again, that's all up to you. It's your choice.

If you want to be "rational" because if makes you feel more intelligent or whatever, that's all cool.
Hopefully it helps you live a better life (or afterlife).

I prefer take my changes with God than not. :)

For me it's just more rational that such a complex and delicate world was put together by some thing or someone, a deliberate organized force.

It seems more "Magical" for "Order" to be formed out of "Disorder"

There are also several Scientific Theories that conflict with the Big Bang theory.

The Law of Science states that [i]“all things left to themselves will tend towards disorder and decay.” [/i]The big bang theory violates this basic law.

Evolution is only a "Religion" a belief in it's own sense.
There is no "Proof" that evolution occurred, no one ever observed Evolution happen.
It's only a theory.


[b]5[/b] - About Abraham, God and his son.
Where is the contradiction? What is so hard to understand about it?

Abraham loved his son very much, and it was possibly growing into an obsession that he would eventually love his son more than God.

God wanted to "test" Abraham's love for him you could say.
Sort of a waking up to remind Abraham where his focus in life should be at, especially being the one chosen to be "Father of nations" and "Lineage of Christ".

God stopped Abraham before he harmed his son of course, he would not allow him to carry out the act.

Anyway, maybe you are trying to say: "Why does God need to test Abraham's loyalty if he knows everything."

Well like I said above, it's also a way of "reminding Abraham" to keep his thoughts in line with God, and not get carried away with his son or earthly things.


I hope this helped to answer you.
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